The Dreaded Deadline Demon

August 3rd, 2009 | Posted in General

©2009 Tom Richmond

While I do have a deadline I am too under the weather to get up the energy to do a real post today. All this travel has caught up to me and I came home with a bad cold… or maybe the Swine Flu (??). Tomorrow I will post a wrap up of our trip to Pittsburgh and the Toonseum show.


  1. Fiona says:

    Swine flu ? Oink vey !!! Hope you feel better soon ! That’ll learn ya to jet-set so much ! 😉

  2. Bucky says:

    Welcome home, Tom. Hope you feel better real soon.

  3. Tom,
    I love your drawing of the time monster above. I blog about the brain and am always looking for images. I think I read something a while back that you were opposed to others using your images. is that true, and if not, can I occasionally use an image if I credit you?

    • Tom says:

      I am opposed to others using my images without my permission, credited or otherwise. However when asked permission I usually grant it, sometimes for a fee and sometimes not depending on the usage. I will e-mail you privately regarding the use of the ‘Deadline Demon” image.


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