To Hell with the Truth…

July 21st, 2009 | Posted in General

I dimly recalling linking to this video once before, but here is a YouTube gem from 1970 featuring MAD publisher Bill Gaines on the gameshow To Tell the Truth:

The show worked like this- three contestants came out claiming to be the same person who was described by the host. The panel of celebrities (sort of) would question them and then guess who was really the person they claimed to be. The impostors told lies while the actual person described had to tell the truth. The contestants won if they were able to fool the panel, so the impostors won money for wrong votes.

MAD writer Dick Debartolo was also working as a writer for the television company that produced To Tell the Truth, Goodson-Todman Productions, was instrumental in getting Gaines on the show. You can see a mustache-less Dick De at the end of the credits… he’s the guy under who’s chin Gene Rayburn is holding an illegibly written piece of paper.


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