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June 10th, 2009 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Conan O'Brien ©2009 Tom Richmond

This week’s sketch is a quick one of the new “Tonight Show” host Conan O’Brien. Not much too it, just a straightforward basic study. Conan has a face that is ripe for really going after with exaggeration… I want to do a better one at a later date. The straight on pose is boring.

I have yet to see Conan on “The Tonight Show”, but that is hardly surprising as I have watched only¬¨‚Ć handful of minutes of that show since Johnny Carson left, and those were because I was brushing my teeth after the news and couldn’t reach the remote to either turn the TV off. I also haven’t seen much of Conan in his former incarnation, mainly because if I was up that late I was working. I am going to try and catch his show and give it a chance soon… I was neither encouraged nor discouraged from doing so by Mark Evanier‘s recent remarks about Conan’s first week. Mark knows about comedy, TV and late night comedy TV, so I pay attention when he offers his opinions.


  1. mkudna23 says:

    I love Conan’s new show, great sketch!

  2. Steve Hearn says:

    Even this ‘basic study’ looks GREAT and is very inspiring to see where you have given areas of shade and light! “It’s elementary my dear Richmond!”

  3. Nice study Tom.

  4. Arun says:

    looks terrific Tom !

  5. I haven’t seen the new Tonight Show either, mostly because our local NBC affiliate lost their tower in a recent storm. I suppose I can get it online(surely NBC does that now), but I’m just not in the habit of watching TV shows online. Also, there’s something less-enticing about watching the Tonight Show at a later time than “tonight”.


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