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May 30th, 2009 | Posted in Freelancing

I received this link courtousey of fellow caricature illustrator Patrick LaMontagne‘s blog. The funniest thing about this video, which depicts “real world” equivalents to some all too typical examples of client/creative freelancer interactions, is that it’s basically spot on with some of the things clients occasionally try to pull.

Fortunately for me I have a lot of terrific clients that treat me as professionally as I treat them. I’d be lying, however, if I said some of the things in this video do not remind me of a few past clients.


  1. This makes me want to cry, and i really hope i don’t run into many of these people, specially not after the project is complete. Thanx for sharing matey =) posting it on myne for all my student buddies =) hope your well

  2. Bill Karis says:

    Wow, how close to home is that? I have worked both sides of the advertising game, and freelancers very often get the crap end of the stick. It depends on the clients, and how they conduct their own businesses. Too close to home…..

  3. Nate says:

    I used to manage restaurants all through college – and I’VE HAD people like that. I used to have people that would eat the whole meal, and then want to talk to me because they didn’t like it. Or the pop was too “cold”. Anything you could imagine. Very realistic video (unfortunately)

  4. Joe Bluhm says:

    WOW- it’s absolutely true, 90% of this! Good point, Tom– not all clients do this, but I’ve heard this mindset nearly word-for-word from clients, even recently. I was waiting for the CD guy to say, “come on, this is going to be the biggest sale you’ll make today, and you’ll get full credit.”

    SO true. SO sad.

  5. Ken Knafou says:

    I started laughing, but then before I realized it, it was actually crying.

  6. Ike Iszany says:

    You want to find this kind of stuff in real life sign up for Here’s a couple I saved…unedited (other than I removed the name of the one guys project)…

    I have a 90 chapter manga ready to be drawn, a great story with action, romance, and comedy. I am a writer but not a great artist. the manga is called ______ ________, contact me to get a quick run over of what it is about. all I need is an artist that is skilled and willing. unfortuantly I can not pay much up front for each chapter produced, but I am offering 50% of sales. I am capable of publishing and selling the product myself. the project that the 250-500 budget is referring to is just the first three chapters and not the full 90.
    one last thing is that my vision for this manga is to not only be about the story but about art in general, I want to sell advertisement for artist, so that they can get there name out,they simply draw a pic saving something to do with the story, and put their contact information on it. they pay me a little money and I print it in the back of one of the chapters for a year.

    So in the end I would pay him??? It doesn’t seem to occur to him that this might sell because of the art rather than the story.

    Or this short but sweet post that lacks punctuation, capitalization and correct spelling…

    we are looking for an illustionist who can take our project

    Is he looking for an illustrator or an illusionist? Note: Guru does offer spell check.

  7. Ike Iszany says:

    I won’t clog up your blog but I found this one. It could be a deleted scene from this movie.

    300 page action/adventure/fantasy of an award winning novel that will soon be an HBO miniseries. There is a 3750. budget, but the artist will get full credits on all editions. 25% payment when half done. Full payment of balance when project is submitted in final form. Any questions? Ask away.

    I have questions…

    How will it be on HBO if it hasn’t been made yet?
    If HBO is involved why is the budget so low?
    Are you retarded?

  8. Mugshotz says:

    They forgot the “This will be great exposure for you.”


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