Plethora of Speaking and/or Appearances

March 24th, 2009 | Posted in News

For some inexplicable reason 2009 is shaping up to be The Year of Speaking Engagements for me. Here’s a list of the events I am scheduled to attend/speak/be at at so far:



  • 2009 Reuben Awards, Los Angeles- Swearing in as 2nd Vice President of NCS… there may be a lot of swearing, actually.


  • Calicomix Cartoon Festival, Cali, Colombia. South America- Guest of honor at this event celebrating illustration, comics and caricature. Dates details not officially set.


  • San Diego Comic Con- Appearing at NCS and “Super Capers” table as well as Artist’s Alley


  • Toonseum, Pittsburgh PA– Exhibit, speaking, workshops. More details after official announcement


  • Cartooning Exhibit, Aikin, MN– Guest speaker at “What’s So Funny? a Celebration of Cartooning” exhibition of cartoon art from Minnesota artists.
  • National Cartoonists Society USO trip– Another trot overseas to draw for the troops


  • International Society of Caricature Artists, Sandusky, OH- One of a group of MAD artists speaking at this event.

Whew. Didn’t really realize how much that all was until I listed it out. I hope I’ll see a few readers at one of these events!


  1. I’ll definitely be at Comic-Con. I’ll try and fight my way through the geek horde and say hi.

  2. I apologize for correcting you. The right spelled for your June speaking stop is “Colombia” and not “Columbia‚Äö√Ñ√ÆIt’s a common mistake.
    By the way, I really enjoy your site. It’s a must visit for me everyday, I really like it, I think you’re a great talent.



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