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March 17th, 2009 | Posted in News

Art by Sean Parks

The 63rd Annual National Cartoonist Society’s Reuben Awards weekend is shaping up for this spring.

The event will be held in Los Angeles on May 22nd-24th at the Renaissaince Hollywood Hotel. Guest speakers include “In The Bleachers” cartoonist Steve Moore, animator Eric Goldberg, movie poster illustrator Drew Struzan and Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez. The Reuben Awards Master of Ceremonies will be another Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist named Mike… Mike Luchovich.

As mentioned before, the finalists for “Cartonnist of the Year” are¬¨‚Ć Dave Coverly (“Speedbump”), Stephan Pastis (“Pearls Before Swine”) and Dan Piraro (“Bizarro”).

The NCS just released the nominees in the divisional categories:


  • Bryan Arnett – Character Design – “The Mighty B!”
  • Ben Balistreri – Character Design – “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”
  • Sandra Equihua and Jorge Gutierrez – Creators – “El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera”


  • James Baxter – 2D Character Animator – “Kung Fu Panda”
  • Clay Kaytis – Supervising Animator, Rhino – “Bolt”
  • Nicolas Marlet – Character Designer – “Kung Fu Panda”


  • Jim Benton- Cherise the Niece
  • Stacy CurtisRaymond and Graham Rule the School
  • Mike LesterCool Daddy Rat


  • Lars Leetaru
  • Mark Marturello
  • Sean Kelly


  • Pat Byrnes
  • Mort Gerberg
  • Werner Wejp-Olsen


  • Kevin Ahern
  • Jem Sullivan
  • Debbie Tomassi


  • Stephan Pastis – “Pearls Before Swine”
  • Mark Tatulli – “Lio”
  • Richard Thompson – “Cul de Sac”


  • Vic Lee- “Pardon My Planet”
  • Mark Parisi– “Off the Mark”
  • Jeff Stahler- “Moderately Confused”


  • Daryl Collins
  • Bob Staake
  • Sam Viviano


  • Mike Luckovich
  • Jeff Parker
  • Michael Ramirez


  • Roy Doty
  • Craig McKay
  • Jack Pittman


  • Chris Blain- GUS & HIS GANG
  • Matthew Forsythe- OJINGOGO
  • Cyril Pedrosa- THREE SHADOWS

Great to see my friend and mentor Sam Viviano with a nomination in “Magazine Illustration”.¬¨‚Ć The competition is fierce in these divisions and a nomination is an honor unto itself. The Lovely Anna and I will be rooting for him on the 23rd in L.A.!


  1. Nate says:

    Advertising Award should go to my friend Roy Doty! He’s been a great mentor to me over the years – and his work is fantastic.

    Don’t they have a caricature award?

  2. Mark Engblom says:

    Wow…looks like someone is hot to give Coverly and Pirarro a Cartoonist of the Year Reuben. Weren’t they nominated last year as well? And in 2007? And 2006?

    I have no doubt these guys are top-notch cartoonists…but four years in a row? I guess you keep getting nominated until you get one, huh?

    • Tom says:

      Actually that is kind of the way it works. Some voters don’t put much thought into the voting, sad to say. Once you are one of the three nominees you are almost virtually guaranteed to be in the top three until you win it. Dan has been nominated for at least 5 years running now…. maybe longer.

      Sometimes a new nominee appears and then wins instantly, but that is usually a case of a long time pro who has never been nominated before getting “Cartoonist of the Year” as more of a lifetime achievement award than for their actual work during the year (Reuben winners Will Eisner, Jack Davis, Matt Groening and Al Jaffee are examples from the last 10 years). The COTY (aka the “Reuben”) is supposed to be meant as recognition for a cartoonist’s work from the previous year. The Milton Caniff award is the NCS’s Lifetime Achievement award.

  3. Mark Tatulli says:

    Hey, Tom, been a while, eh? You going to LA? And if so, will you threaten to pound me if I dance with your lovely wife? You scare me.

    Just a quick note of correction up above….Steve Moore’s sports-related panel is called “IN the Beleachers,” FYI…

    Hope to see you soon…


  4. Chad Frye says:

    The actual Reuben Award stopped being for “cartoonist of the year” back when it was decided that you could only win it once in your lifetime. I remember the days when a good cartoonist could win it more than once. By removing past winners (who are great on a consistent basis) from the game, the competition for the prize was (I’m not afraid to say it) made easier.

  5. Tam says:

    I hope Mike Luckovich wins, i LOVE his cartoons


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