Everything is Amazing, Nobody is Happy

March 7th, 2009 | Posted in Surf's Up Dept.

I have seen this video featuring Louis C.K. on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” around for the last two weeks on the web and Facebook and such. It’s so incredibly true that I finally tracked down an embeddable version to post here.

It is amazing how incredibly spoiled people are today, especially young people. Many have a misguided sense of entitlement that boggles my mind… it’s like they are owed whatever it is they want, and don’t think they should be required to earn it or earn money to pay for it. The internet is a prime example. Many people seem to think they are entitled to free content on the internet. They actually get angry if they have to pay for something or have to wait for something. Some time ago I posted a short video on YouTube demonstrating my digital color technique. It was not especially well done, but YouTube was an easy place to host it and share it here on the blog as a part of my color tutorial. I have received several polite inquiries about my doing more videos, and these are quite welcome. I have also received not a few snarky or smart-assed comments or e-mails scolding me for not doing any more and actually demanding me to update my video “channel”. It’s like they are feeling cheated that I am not spending my free time educating or entertaining them for free. Hard to believe, but true.

That said, much of what Louis is saying is just a result of progress. After all, there was a time that there were no telephones at all and instant communication over long distances was impossible… yet I’ll bet he would not hesitate to call his phone company and complain when his service is not working rather than to sit and stare into space just being thankful there is such a thing as a telephone even if it doesn’t work right at the time. I know I get pissed whenever my internet is down, miracle though it is… I am paying for it, after all. It’s all a matter of persepective, I guess… and what you’ve become accustomed to.


  1. jert says:

    I saw louis ck perform this bit live last year and my gut almost exploded

  2. Trevour says:

    I remember seeing this on Conan last year. It was so funny (and true) that I made sure to save it on the DVR.

    One of my favorite Louis C.K. clips of all time though:

  3. Drake says:

    That clip really sums up a lot of the problem. People need to learn some damn manners! Especially those non-contributing zeros who are demanding more videos from you. I had a very similar experience where a friend of mine was posting clips of a martial arts tournament that he filmed, edited, compressed and uploaded within a day of the event. People were online bitching and moaning, “Why hasn’t somebody posted the tournament yet?” no more than 2 hours after the tournament had ended. What the hell, you spoiled little brats? It takes a lot of effort and work to post this stuff for YOUR benefit FOR FREE.

    Sorry for the ranting and raving… just wanted to say I sympathize! Thanks for the great contributions on this blog, btw. Many of us still appreciate it and don’t feel some sense of righteous entitlement about your generosity.

    Please keep up the good work… and be quick about it! 🙂

  4. Bearman says:

    Louis C.K. is raunchy…but one of the few that can pull off raunchy and funny.

    When you were at ComicCon how many people did you come across wanting free original drawings from artists or other things of value beyond a signature (on his paper)? “Look dude, I paid my admission, I am entitled to your stuff”

  5. Monty says:

    Read ‘Generation Me’ by Jean Twenge and you can find a lot more insight (and diligent research) into this phenomenon. Fascinating and frightening at the same time.

  6. Nate says:

    It’s so true that it seems like most people are so spoiled that they will complain about anything that isn’t up to par for them at any given moment – or free. I sometimes wonder if a lot of the things we all have become accustomed to IS progress? Hmm…who knows? It’s hard for me to say that because I wouldn’t like it too much if I wasn’t able to instantly read THE MAD BLOG.

  7. Krishna says:

    So very true, Tom. Thanks for posting this. People are so spoiled, despite all these advances. And the Internet lets spoiled folks whine at the speed of thought. 🙁

  8. […] initially came across this Conan O’ Brien video courtesy of Tom Richmond. It’s an interview featuring Louis C.K. Despite how amazing technology has advanced, people […]

  9. Patricia says:

    A real gem, Tom. I particularly like the part about flying. Maybe I’m showing my age, but whenever I fly (and I fly a lot, especially between Minneapolis and Los Angeles), I want a window seat. I love to watch take-offs and landing, to see areas I know from the air. Oh, there’s the Mendota Bridge and St. Peters! or, we’re coming in over Hollywood Park, look how green it is . . . and to see what we’re flying over, wow, there’s Los Vegas. I guess I never have lost that feel that it’s “magic”.

  10. Mugshotz says:

    I noticed this alot while giving away free caricatures at the Penguin games. The younger kids get impatient when they have to sit for all of four minutes to get their drawing done. They are all fidgety after a few seconds wonder why it’s not done yet. Their parents will have to explain to them it’s not a digital photo. I’m sure my parent thought we were a spoiled generation too. When I was watching TV during the day on weekend, my Dad would always tell me to go outside, play and I can’t come back inside until I was sweaty and my clothes were dirty. Not a bad standard.

  11. Shaggy says:

    That clip describes quite a few people I know. They think they deserve to have everything, without giving something in return, and if something they have doesn’t work, its like their life has gone completely wrong or something. So many people, especially kids, want the latest and greatest stuff, and they don’t want to work for it themselves. I hate to say it, but there seems to be a lot of people out thewre that, without all their gadgets and toys, are dumber than a brick….

  12. sharprm says:

    The sense of entitlement has to come from somewhere … tv, school teachers, advertising, santa claus etc. Are blogs the antidote? PS. thanks for the inking tips etc.


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