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March 6th, 2009 | Posted in General

Here’s the trailer for the film…

On March 20th the movie I worked on, “Supercapers”, is going to be shown in select theaters. Having gotten a chance to meet writer/director Ray Griggs last weekend at Wondercon and getting to see the entire film, I am really hoping it will do well enough to get national distribution.

It’s silly, fun movie that pays homage to some of the films and directors that shaped Ray’s desires to become a filmmaker like Star Wars, Back to the Future, Etc. It also is a tribute to the superhero genre… and not in the dark, depressed way that so many cape movies are now slaves to. This is more in the line of the goofy fun of the 60’s Batman era. It’s campy, but in a loving sort of way. It doesn’t mock superheroes, but pokes gentle fun at the sillier side of them while making them charming and likable. Ray pulls off this balancing act well. Best of all, it’s totally kid friendly. While some of the references to older movies will go over their heads, 5 to 10 year olds will probably like this movie a lot.

Lionsgate has agreed to distribute the film in theaters and on DVD. It will appear in 80 theaters in several cities on March 20th, and if they reach a certain number of seats sold it will be released into 2,000 theaters nationwide. This is the kind of movie that comic book fans should support, as it was made by a fan of the medium without the need to play the psychologically flawed, anti-hero card or include brutal violence. It shows super hero movies can still be fun, even on a limited budget.

If you live in or near NYC, Incineration, Cleveland, Des Moines, Omaha, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Dallas, San Antonio, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, click here for a list of the theaters the movie will be showing in. Take your family out for a silly popcorn superhero movie that is quite enjoyable, and support independent filmmaking.

Here’s a few samples from the 13 page comic book Ray, Tom Nguyen and I did to promote the film. I don’t think we’ll be winning any Eisners but we did okay for only having a little over 2 weeks. It’s an interesting story as it actually is a sequel to the film itself, but thanks to the miracle of time travel not really. Weird but true.

Page 1

Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5

Page 6

Page 7Page 8

Page 9

Page 10Page 11page 12

Page 13

Incidentally, I inked all the faces and Tom did most of the rest, but there are two pages I inked myself, one of which is in the above samples. Can you tell which one? Seems obvious to me but…

Some people have expressed an interest in getting one of these printed comics. If you want one I have about 40 copies, and would be happy to mail one to you if you send me a self addressed, stamped envelope. Email me privately and I’ll send you the details.


  1. Great stuff as usual Tom.

  2. Trevour says:

    The film looks great! So I see there won’t be an initial screening in the Twin Cities. Here’s hoping they expand to 2,000! I would definitely go see this in the theater! Plus, how awesome to see some of your work on the big screen!

    Comic – amazing for a 2-week project! How did you sleep? In any case, it makes me want to see the movie even more! Excellent work!

  3. I like how Man Bat’s armpit hair is in a bat shape. Nice.

  4. Tom Nguyen says:

    Great to see the whole thing all colored, Tom! Not bad for a couple weeks’ worth of work, eh? Thanks for the props and it was fun working with you… I’ll have to pick up a copy next time I see ya (sushi, hehe).


    • Tom says:

      Great job on the inks, Tom! Thanks for the hard work. I’ve got some copies of the comic for you.

  5. Joe Bluhm says:

    Tom, I can’t pick them both out for sure, but I KNOW p4 is yours. 🙂

    • Tom says:

      A few people have written me with their guesses as to which pages were mine, and they have been all over the map. I’m guessing that, had they the originals to see, it would be obvious. Tom’s style is so clean and tight, whereas mine is much looser and harsher.

      Page 12 and 13 are mine… actually the top three panel are Tom N’s on page 12, copies of the same top three in page 1, but the crowd scene below and all of page 13 are my inks.


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