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February 28th, 2009 | Posted in News

Last weekend my local chapter of the National Cartoonist Society (if you can call a chapter that encompasses Minnesota, Iowa, the Dakotas, Missouri, Nebraska and Colorado “local”) met in Lincoln, NE to judge our assigned division of the NCS Reuben awards, have a chapter meeting and listen to several terrific speakers in the bargain. Some fermented beverages were also consumed.

Judging our divisional category
NCC Members deep in contemplation of the entries.

First up was the judging of the divisional award for “Editorial Cartooning”. This was a tough subject as it was necessary to try and be objective about the work and set aside your own personal political tastes. There was also no fewer than 50 entries! Nine chapter members met privately in a Lincoln hotel conference room and poured over the entries for several hours. Our results have been forwarded to the NCS brass for ratification and the nominees will be revealed in March. The winner will be announced at the annual NCS Reuben Awards in late May.

That afternoon chapter members and other area cartoonists met at a local Lincoln restaurant were we enjoyed a lineup of great speakers:

Tom Floyd– The veteran comic book artist shared his work with us, including some of his latest stuff. His nostalgic radio show/pulp flavored art was great.

Tom Floyd
Tom Floyd

Jeff Koterba– The Omaha World-Herald and syndicated political cartoonist showed off some of his latest work, told some horror stories of people’s more enthusiastic reactions to some of his cartoons and shared his process.

Jeff Koterba
Jeff Koterba

Cedric Hohnstadt– The Twin Cities illustrator and jack-of-all-trades presented work he’d done in character design, animation, product illustration, advertising, magazine illustration and other areas. He talked about his marketing and how he gets and approaches jobs.

Cedric Hohnstadt
Cedric Hohnstadt

It was a facsinating speaker lineup and lots of fun. It’s always a good time coming out of the cartoon cave and hanging out with other cartoonists and illustrators. We spend most of our time isolated, bent over a drawing table under a glaring hot light bulb working in solitude, so any time we get together is always a laugh.


  1. Meredith says:

    It’s sad you don’t see more women in such photos of cartoonist gatherings. It makes me wonder if joining the NCS would be kind of like joining the VFW.

  2. Bucky says:

    I was so glad to be in attendance that weekend. I learned so much from our three speakers and just getting to shoot the breeze with fellow participants…but, I learned more about Tony Danza and Who’s the Boss, that weekend, than I ever thought possible! Great times!


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