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January 22nd, 2009 | Posted in General

Very busy right now, but I ran across this video on the National Caricaturist Network message boards this morning, posted by Canadian editorial cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator Patrick LaMontagne that I thought was not only hilarious but eerily accurate. If you are ever wondering why art directors sometimes make what seems like a simple, straightforward illustration job very complicated and convoluted instead, here’s your answer:

It would be less funny if it wasn’t so true. Replace the stop sign with an illustration of someone driving a car or similar, and you get the idea.


  1. Arun says:

    heh heh ! what a scream !!! 😀
    thanks for puttin it up Tom !

    I guess you’ve had jobs that’ve gone down this road…have you learned to spot them a mile away these days? or are the ADs getting any better?

  2. Jeff Zugale says:

    BWAHAHAHA that’s awesome. And so, so true.

    The worst part of trying to spot a job like this coming is that sometimes your initial contact and the first few meetings with the client are with the “right” people, who know what they’re doing and understand how to work with an artist. You meet them, and the job seems like it will go well.

    Management doesn’t get involved until the 3rd or 4th meeting, after you’ve essentially delivered what the first set of people asked for and approved… and then the merry-go-round starts. The “right” people are very apologetic about it, but they can’t seem to do anything about what management is deciding.

    At that point you’d better have included an “author alterations” clause in your work order/contract, or you’ll be doing a lot of unpaid hours…

  3. jimbodraw says:

    Hilarious Tom- I can definitely relate – thanks for posting!

  4. Brilliant. That’s SO accurate it’s scary.

    My nervous twitch just came back .Thanks Tom.

  5. Artisticulated says:

    They left out the shot of the artist fiercely glaring his monitor with a trickle of blood from his bitten lip as he spends five minutes in the *rage zone* after the fifth revision and the clear understanding that there is NO solution to this nightmare.

    Otherwise, spot on!

  6. Meesimo says:

    Freakishly true dude, great post.


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