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December 27th, 2008 | Posted in Freelancing

©2008 Tom Richmond

Just a quick post today. Here is this week’s political caricature for The Independent. It will appear in tomorrow’s column both online and in print.

I’d love to do more newspaper illustration. Unlike magazine work, it’s much more of a “quick and dirty” sort of exercise. Often you get only a day or so to do the job. It’s less intense because the images need to be relatively simple due to the restrictions of printing on newsprint, and the short deadlines mean you donlt have time to rethink everything over and over. It doesn’t pay all that well (especially these days) compared to magazines or especially advertising, but the reduced time involved sort of evens that out.

The only other newspaper work I’ve done, outside of work for the University of Minnesota’s Minnesota Daily college newspaper back when I was a student, was this piece for the Star Tribune last spring. They either didn’t like the final results, or they didn’t find the budget to do more sports illustrations because I got no return calls from them. Oh well…


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