On the Drawing Board- 12/18

December 19th, 2008 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

Pretty busy right now, which is a nice problem to have these days. Nothing for MAD yet so barring a last minute job from them it looks likely I will not be in issue #499… I sure hope I am given something for issue #500, which is going to be a big deal.

Plenty to work on, though. I just finished up a couple of spot illustration jobs and a personal commission for a local corporation of their president. Here’s what’s on the board with now:

The Independent– North Carolina news publication (print and online) where I am illustrating a political column with local politician caricatures. Ongoing and weekly job.

Workplace poster– Not as ambitious as the last one but a fun one nonetheless. Dealing with stress at work, specifically the health care industry.

Fade In Magazine– Full page and series of spots on a story dealing with discrimination in the movie industry.

Scholastic– Just finished these two spot illustrations for a feature about President Andrew Jackson, Scholastic doesn’t mind my sharing the work I do with them prior to publication:

Andrew Jackson for Scholastic

Scene at the White House
Click for a closer look…


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