Minnesota FallCon

October 14th, 2008 | Posted in General

The weekend of October 4th and 5th was the 20th anniversary of the Minnesota FallCon comic book convention in St. Paul, MN. Thanks to Northwest Airlines I missed Saturday but made it on Sunday.

It’s fun to go to these kinds of shows now and again. No, MAD isn’t exactly “The Uncanny X-Men” but I do get a few people who stop by and tell me they read and enjoy MAD. I draw caricatures for people and do little sketches and such, plus sell originals. I’m not really expecting to make any money doing this, but that is what you do when you are a guest at one of these things so I do it. Sunday was a kind of quiet day but that was nice as I brought Number One Son Thomas with and we got to walk around a bit.

I also got to see a bunch of the artists who worked with us this summer at the theme park.

Me and Casey “Caseybug” Mosman, who shared a table with me. Casey
worked with us at Valleyfair this summer doing caricatures and is a
very talented cartoonist.

Valleyfair caricature veterans Brett Hiorn and Joey Hetzel

The super talented Doug Manhke

Animator and caricaturist Corbett Vanoni and his wife Jennifer

The obligatory picture of the Batmobile


  1. CaseyBug says:

    Nice pictures! I just found this post. Had fun drawing with ya. Keep in touch! -CBC


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