20 Years of Wedded Bliss

September 23rd, 2008 | Posted in General

Today marks 20 years since The Lovely Anna and I were married in St. Paul, Minnesota on a beautiful Friday autumn evening. I remember it being one of the best days of my life… surrounded by family and friends… embarking on a new chapter in life with a woman I still find hard to believe agreed to marry a poor art student with little going for him and less in the way of promising prospects of a career. I was devilishly handsome, however. Actually she says I made her laugh, and that’s how I hooked her.

“An ARTIST?!?” her friends said to each other. “Poor Anna.”

Well, it didn’t work out so bad. If the next 20 are as rich and full of love, laughs and life as the last I will be writing about our 40th anniversary before I know it. It’s been a wild ride at times, but there has never, ever been a moment even among the many challenges that any couple in this day and age face that I ever had a moment of doubt that I did not love my wife with all my heart, or that I could imagine myself with anyone else.

… not even Salma Hayek or Carla Gugino. Well… yes. Not even them. I’ll bet they snore. Or their feet stink.

Sadly the best we can do today is a nice dinner out, because I am leaving for Germany on Sunday for that NCS trip I mentioned sometime back, and my little freelance dry spell ended with a vengeance yesterday when the phone started ringing and I have several jobs on the board with tight deadlines. Fear not, however. The Lovely Anna is not being deprived! Next month she and I are taking the kids with us for a week in Hawai’i (Maui to be specific) where about 20 of our friends and family will meet us as we renew our vows at sunset on the beach. Flowers, photos, musicians, minister… the works.

You see, I have learned something after 20 years of marriage: when The Lovely Anna is happy, everybody’s happy.


  1. hutch says:

    Congratulations to you both Tom. You’re not just a brilliant artist but a very lucky man.

  2. Allancav says:

    Congrats guys!

  3. jweir says:

    Congrates!!!… Your Posts are so wonderful and centered

    thank you for all your post. May the Next 20 years be as wonderful as the last

  4. Mike Lynch says:

    Congratulations Tom and Anna!

  5. paulcapurso says:

    Congratulations Tom and Anna, many more years of love & happiness!! Tom I just like your style, Maui is awsome period, but to renew your vows there….YOU ARE THE MAN!!

  6. Bucky says:

    Tom, congratulations to you and Anna. You are both blessed, in so many ways.

  7. kmcnutt says:

    A very happy anniversary and congratulations! Wishing you many happy returns of the day.

  8. Keelan says:

    Congratulations, guys! We love you both!

    Keelan and Barbie

  9. SteveH says:

    Congratulations to two wonderful people! Hey, if you stop off in London, make sure you let me know! Have a GREAT time in Germany!

  10. Tamer says:

    Congratulations to both of you!

  11. pmcmicheal says:

    Congratulations Anna & Thomas. What a handsome couple. You look rather dashing in that snappy suit! ( taylored for those guns, I imagine )…I have the same (suit) problem, only with my GUT!
    October 20th will mark 24 years with my wife and myself….she also married a BUM artist!
    I guess OUR good looks have clouded their judgment! Thank God.

  12. mengblom says:

    Congratulations, Tom and Anna! Having just broken the “20 Year Barrier” ourselves, it’s quite a wonderful accomplishment and something to be very proud of (in this age of quicky divorces and ho-hum views toward marriage in general). Yeah, Dar and I just did dinner, too…and plan on a trip a little later, but really…anything with our lovely wives by our sides is fine with us, right?

    Hey, have a great time in Hawaii. What a wonderful idea to renew your vows there.

    All my best!

    Mark Engblom

  13. Congratulations! You two chose the perfect place to renew your vows.
    Also, that photo has me craving chocolate.

  14. cvanoni says:

    Felicitations, you two!!!

    I landed Jennifer when she was young and na?√òve, and marrying an artist sounded sexy and dangerous!
    Hahahahaha! She’s mine now! No givebacks!

    – Corbett

  15. LorenS says:

    Congratulations to the both of you! Have a great time in Hawaii!!

  16. Tom says:

    Thanks for the well wishes, everybody. The Lovely Anna and I had a wonderful night and look forward to renewing our vows in a few weeks.

  17. EIGHT says:

    First replies.From THAILAND,South east Asia.Congratulations with both ….

  18. medholm says:

    Anna & Tom …

    CONGRATULATIONS you guys! Happy 20th.
    EIGHT is right, go for the Thailand trip. It’s incredible there. My mom and uncle were both born there (when it was called Siam).



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