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September 20th, 2008 | Posted in General

I’m always looking for ways to maximize the time spent in the studio and eliminate any distractions. I have a fridge, place to receive take out delivery, etc. I think I may have just added the final piece to the puzzle…

Ultimate Studio Accessory


  1. craig says:

    Too funny!

  2. kmcnutt says:

    Ahhh-hahaha. Ok, seriously, all kidding aside, where’s the Charmin?

  3. cvanoni says:

    No doubt purchased with the recycling money from all those Monsters!

    – Corbett

  4. Matt. says:


    Do those monster energy drinks actually work?

  5. Zieglar says:

    For a quick doodie… I mean doodle!

  6. mrexcite says:

    5 Monster Energy drinks???

    Tom, your body is your temple . . . tell us they were photoshopped into the pic !!!

  7. Tom says:

    My body is more like my treehouse than my temple… but even so I did not drink all 5 of those Monsters at once. I usually limit myself to 2 a day but when on a 24 hour marathon I will drink a third. Actually they lose their effectiveness if you overindulge, and the Guarana in them might make your heart palpitate if you overconsume.


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