On the Drawing Board- 9/9/08

September 9th, 2008 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

With that big MAD job wrapped up the only things on the drawing board right now are a workplace poster job and some revisions to the on-line gaming project. I do have a few personal art projects that need some attention, so this will be a good time to get those wrapped up.

In the meantime, here’s a project I worked on last spring that is probably not going to be produced now (too late for that) and I think is safe then to share with readers. It was a product illustration job for a company that was going to manufacture these fake food cans with political election themes to them. Both cans would be empty, and thus represent the “empty promises” of each party’s cadidates. It was centered on the nomination candidates of the two major parties, and I don’t think it ever got into production.

The basic design was to be a wrap around label for a food can, like a can of beans or peas. Here are some of the pencil roughs as we brainstormed the different design and gag possibilities. I could only find saved files for the democrat label’s concept work for some reason (click on any image for a closer look):

The initial design used only the front half or so of the can and was
more of a vertical format. Space in center for text.

Then they opted for a almost full wrap around design

The main dig on Hilary was about her statements that she got shot at by snipers when touring the middle east, which was not true. Finally we ended up with this:

And for the Republicans:

I also designed a donkey/elephant logo for the project, and deleivered all the figures as individual layers so they could be moved about as needed. I was in Massachusetts opeing up the Six Flags park concessions there when it was due, so I did the color in my hotel room half on my wacom Intous tablet and half on my friend Ed Steckley’s Cintiq 12wx tablet and my Macbook Pro. Then I uploaded the finals at the local Starbucks. You have to love working on the road….


  1. cvanoni says:

    Obama’s bling in the initial rough is hilarious.
    Great job on the finals.

    With everything happening in real time I bet it was difficult for them to choose what gags would be the best to stick with.

    Is there ANY animosity toward a job or client when you work this hard to meet a deadline and the final never sees the light of day?
    Or can you always reconcile yourself to the thought that it’s only a paycheck and you’ve done your job.

    – C

    – C

  2. Tom says:

    Yes, there was a lot of discussions on the gags. I did the initial gags myself, including Kucinich as an elf and Obama with the bling (trying to appeal to the hip hop crowd. Hilary is carrying a picture of Bill and bawling. Gore is hugging a tree. Edwards is flossing his ridiculously toothy smile. Kerry is playing at a military salute and of course Kennedy is drunk. They nixed a few of them, especially the Obama one. I also ended up dropping Kerry and adding Bill himself, thus losing the picture gag and going with the sniper gag for Hillary.

    No, I don’t get disappointed if a product or ad I work on doesn’t get produced. That’s the way it goes in that world. I get paid and I guess that’s all that matters. As long as I feel I did my best on the project and it’s no fault of mine it got dropped then I am fine with it.

  3. TamLym says:

    That is an AWESOME concept, i totally wouldve purchased those cans!

  4. Mugshotz says:

    Do you think they may only make Obama and McCain cans? That may sell a bit more than the Democratic gags that only saw a few weeks of the news cycle.


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