Sketch o’the Week Part 2

August 13th, 2008 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Artwork ©2008 Tom Richmond

I should have called the first try I posted of David Caruso “Sketch o’the WEAK”. I looked up some better reference so I could redeem myself while I took a little break this afternoon. I like this one much better. It was obvious to me after looking at a few different pictures of Caruso that his posture is a big part of his overall look. He puts his hands high on his hips with his elbows back, shoulders slumped and head craned forward and cocked to one side.

That earlier sketch was actually a small one from a while ago so I could not find the original reference, but it seemed to me I was trying to force his bottom lip to be “pooched” out when in actuality he has small, thin lips. This one is much more successful.

He reminds me of William H. Macy.


  1. DShultz says:

    Great job, the body pose too is right on.

    Also, it’s nice to see that others sometimes rethink their first attempt too.


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