Sketch Week!- Saturday

July 26th, 2008 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Artwork ©2008 Tom Richmond

My last subject for “Sketch Week” is a fun one. Stooges lead singer Iggy Pop is someone everybody seems to caricature… and for good reason. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. I’ve never drawn him before but have always wanted to, so I thought he’d be a good (and easy) one to finish up the week on.

I hope everybody enjoyed “Sketch Week”.


  1. craig says:

    I don’t care much for Iggy, but I like the drawing!

  2. kmcnutt says:

    Thanks, Tom – very groovy.

  3. My, oh, My. I cant believe its over. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! I hope you do another one sometime. And, Oh Yea! Great sketch Thomas R.


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