On The Drawing Board- 6/23/08

June 23rd, 2008 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

I’m extremely busy with a tough deadline for Wednesday morning, but hope to keep the “Dreaded Deadline Demon” at bay on The MAD Blog if possible. Here’s a quick piece I wrapped up last week for the client I do the workplace posters for… pencil, ink and final color stages. Click each image for a close up look:

Artwork ??á©2008 Tom Richmond
Pencil roughs. The client wanted me to tone down the “anger” in the
old lady driver, and make her look more annoyed than fuming. The also
asked me to make one of the two onlooker ladies heavier.

Artwork ??á©2008 Tom Richmond
Final inks reflecting those changes.

Artwork ??á©2008 Tom Richmond
Final color. In the case of these cartoon images that contain mechanical
objects like cars I go for the suggestion of realism in both the drawing and
the painting rather than really painting true chrome or reflections. It keep the
“cartoony” feel consistent between the people and the objects.

I am hoping that this week some of the images I’ve done for the “Super Capers” movie will be in use on their website and I will be able to link to them. In the meantime I’m hard pressed to finish the final artwork for the scene in the film this week before The Lovely Anna and I take a little R&R trip to New York City…


  1. SteveH says:

    Tom another wonderful illustration sir! I really like the way you have the grey road surface, speckled and looking so solid! Your compositions are always so cool! Way to go!

  2. cedricstudio says:

    Love the grandma in the monster truck, and the cell phone guy’s expression is dead on. This is one of your funniest workplace posters yet.


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