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December 28th, 2007 | Posted in General

I know I’m a tough guy to get gifts for. The Lovely Anna constantly reminds me of this. She says it’s not that I don’t want or need anything, it’s just that I have this habit of buying things I want for myself… Well, I hate waiting.

Lately Anna and I have been in the habit of getting something together and calling it our Christmas present to each other. This year it was a case of six bottles of Silver Oak cabernet sauvignon, 1998-2003 that had a Thomas Arvid painting reproduced on the case lid. Anna loves Arvid’s work, which is a realistic style of oil painting with wine bottles, glasses and trappings as subject matter… usually in a forced perspective, almost fisheye setting. Great idea to blend fine art with wine as a subject, since that attracts the interest of people with money for both interests. Anyway, we enjoyed one bottle on Christmas eve.

The kids all got iMacs, which meant Daddy Tech Support spent hours setting them up, installing Leopard, installing other software, transferring their files from their old PCs, blah blah blah. Next time I’ll just get them completely disassembled bicycles with instructions in French. That would take less time. The Lovely Anna is now the old PC holdout in the family.

I still got a few things under the tree, including some cartooning/art related stuff. “The Completely MAD Don Martin” (pictured) was one. I can’t wait to dig into that… His cartoons were some of the funniest things to me as a kid reading MAD, when some of the other stuff went over my head. I also got a nifty traveling case to carry brushes, pens and other art supplies in that keeps them from getting mashed (especially the brushes). That will come in handy, I am sure. I also got a pair of Grinch pajamas from my daughter Elizabeth, who loves to make me sing the Grinch song… year around of course.

I’m still under the gun in the studio, so I don’t have much time to blog right now. My apologies. I’ll make it up to people in the new year, with some caricature instruction tutorials I’ve been working on.


  1. yondaime_kazekage says:

    u’r such a family man mr. richmond.
    u’r wife and kids sure is lucky to have u in the family.

    btw, i cant wait to see ur caricature instruction tutorials.
    u are the best caricaturist artist i ever knew.

    can i ask u a question?
    how long did u took to be expert in caricatures drawing? i mean, from what age,
    and which artist inspire u alot?


  2. mengblom says:

    “The kids all got iMacs…”

    Ahhh…it does my heart good to know you’re perpetuating another generation of Mac fans!

  3. TerryElliott says:

    Glad you had a Merry Christmas, Tom. Soooo looking forward to the caricature instructional tutorials. If they’re half as good as your other tutorials, we’re all in for a great treat! Thanks in advance!


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