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September 25th, 2007 | Posted in General

When I was a kid the start of the fall TV season was a big deal. We marked the calendar and gathered around the living room to watch our returning favorite shows and new shows that looked interesting. I remember seeing the season premiers of “The Incredible Hulk”, “The Dukes of Hazzard” and “The Wonderful World of Disney”, and my parents never missed “Dallas”, “M*A*S*H*” or “Dynasty”. Personally I was more excited over the start of the fall lineup of Saturday morning cartoons and shows… “Shazam/Isis Power Hour”, anyone?

Like most things in the 21st century, it’s all different now. TiVo and the DVR especially has changed the event-centric model of television viewing, and people just don’t plan their evenings around seeing some television show anymore. They still watch, they just do it on their own terms. Actually I kind of like that freedom, even if it takes away an element of family togetherness… if you can call everybody sitting around a glowing rectangle watching flickering images with glassy eyes being together. At least everyone is in the same room. No, the real interaction with TV shows is the resulting ‘water cooler’ conversations. Today’s television success is almost more about that than the ratings.

Last night one of the few TV shows I have any interest in premiered… “Heroes”. I took an hour off to watch (actually more like 45 minutes… thanks to the miracle of the DVR, I started watching at 8:15 and was able then to fast forward through the commercials. Sorry Nissan.) I am still under the gun with deadlines so I don’t have time right now to dissect the episode, but it was a decent beginning of a new season. I was happy to hear that this season would feature two shorter story arcs, which I think is smart since the novelty has worn off and the payout will have to be stepped up if this show wants to keep up it’s success from last year. We got a glimpse of some new super-powered characters and new plotlines were introduced, but overall it was vaguely unsatisfying. there is still plenty of time for some meaty storytelling.

I am going to have to record and watch the season premier of “Bionic Woman” after seeing some great teaser previews and hearing some good things about the show.??ᬨ‚Ć That’s rare for me to actually start watching a show before it establishes itself, but this one looks like a lot of fun. With “Lost” not starting until who knows when, “Bionic Woman” will fill my alloted two TV show diet.

I think I’ll skip “Cavemen”, though. Something tells me those actors are going to categorize their participation in that show in the “have to live it down” column.


  1. mengblom says:

    I enjoyed the Heroes kick-off, especially since they used most of my favorite character “sets”. The murder mystery subplot is already an attention-grabber, especially since the Heroes crew did such a great job of setting up the concept of an older generation of superhumans last season. Rather than just introducing them to kill them off (like many shows might do), the legwork was put in and it’s paying off in a more natural, organic progression. I read in the most recent Entertainment Weekly that there will be an upcoming episode entitled “Four Months Ago” or something like that, where they cover some of the events in the intervening four months. Of particular interest will be the situation with Nathan Petrelli and his spectacular fall from grace. The Noah Bennett character (“Horn Rim Glasses”) continues to be one of the most interesting and (surprisingly) mysterious….even now that all of his cards are seemingly on the table. Guess not.

    I realized your DVR is probably working overtime now that the new Fall shows have started (I’m sure each of your kids has already locked up virtually every time slot across the channel spectrum like mine have), but another new mini-series that I would heartily recommend would be Ken Burns’ “The War” on PBS. It’s a documentary on World War II told from the perspective of people from four towns across the U.S. (including Laverne, Minnesota). There are seven two hour episodes spread out over a week’s time…so it’s alot to watch. But man, it’s so worth it, and such great information to learn and (most of all) remember.

  2. Tom says:

    SPOILER**** The one thing I was most disappointed about with the premiere was the fact that Mr. Nakamura was killed before we got to see what his power was. That sucked. I hope they bring him back in some flashbacks… hopefully in the “four months ago” episode you mentioned. The hinted at “league of heroes”, which we now know was a dozen earlier generation heroes, is a ripe subplot for some background stories.

  3. quikdraw4 says:

    I’m watching the Ken Burns brilliant documentary “The War” on PBS.
    Pretty wild to see what those soldiers endured during the the early 40’s leading up to WW II. Ken Burns in my opinion is a master story teller.
    Its riveting.
    My favorite show Rescue Me on FX with Denis Leary is on hiatus.
    Looks like I’m “stuck” watching Boston Red Sox playoff baseball in October and New England Patriots domination football with our new star stud Randy Moss. lol.

  4. Matt. says:

    LOST starts in February with sixteen uninterrupted episodes every week.

  5. JWB1 says:

    I’ve been recording several of the new Fall shows, but I had to watch Heroes first. Didn’t knock my socks off, but the really great episodes didn’t air early last season.
    A show I’ve really been enjoying is about to end this Thursday. Mad Men is from one of the Sopranos writers. It captures the look and feel of the sixties very well. Hopefully AMC ( American Movie Classics ) will be running a marathon soon. I think they’ve been picked up for a second season.
    When I was younger I looked forward to the TV Gude Fall Preview issue almost as much as the Sears Christmas Wish Book. I’ve kept those Guides from 1971 to today.

  6. paulcapurso says:


    So have you decided which you like better LOST or HEROES???(I’m a lost fan myself) Have you ever just glanced at some of the LOST chat rooms? Man these people are into it BIG TIME, I mean they are debating elements of quantum physics pertaining to the show!!!

    Take Care


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