Back from Alaska…

September 18th, 2007 | Posted in General


No time to blog about the trip right now… too busy playing catch up. I took the picture above of this rainbow trout my father-in-law caught on Saturday. More pictures and stories later…


  1. mengblom says:

    Looking forward to your account of the trip. I have family members who’ve made it up there for fishing, and it sounds like the salmon are so plentiful, they practically jump into your net (at least where said family members were fishing).

    Are the trout plentiful as well? I’m sure they made “good eatin'”

  2. Tom says:

    The trip description will have to wait until I get some of the pictures from my brothers to go along with the stories.

    We were at a National Park where all species are protected and it was all catch and release… so no good eatin’ of our catches… although we ate plenty good anyway. The salmon are done running by that time of year so the trout fishing is in season, using fake salmon eggs as bait and fly fishing. Fun to catch. More when I get the pictures.


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