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June 4th, 2007 | Posted in General

Frame from one of three Apple iPhone ads

Apple released ads this weekend with the official release date of the iPhone: June 29th. You can see all three ads online here. It’s been unofficially said that most AT&T store will have only 40 or less iPhones on the first day. Jobs was quoted as saying not to come to an Apple store to buy one, as it will be chaos.

Apple has not lost it’s touch with designing intuitive, innovative and elegant hardware. It’s too bad the initial roll out will make it so hard for anyone to actually get one, and that it’s price is so high. The real problem for me is the low memory (8 GB for the most expensive model). When it comes to video, that’s almost nothing. Phone aside, I am really looking forward to the similary designed iPod that will probably debut in time for the holidays.

The iPhone is extremely cool and awesome, though. Very candy-like.

I’m busy catching up on all the jobs I had to ignore to get that big MAD job done last week. Not quite enough for the DDD to make an appearance… but close.


  1. jancolors says:

    When the iPhone was announced, it was the same week that I decided to go ahead and invest in an unlocked Treo 680 for $500, since T-mobile doesn’t offer any Palm products these days. I just knew that the iPhone wouldn’t be right for me until version 2 or later.

    Now, I see I really did the right thing!! Sure, I like the look of the iPhone, what great eye-candy! I just will evaluate how I feel about it next January, because we will be looking at another generation of it by then. (and I get to use the Treo680, in the meanwhile, I am very happy with it)

    Also, I have to carefully think over the coolness vs. changing phone carriers. That is really difficult!! Don’t you think?

  2. Tom says:

    I am already an AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular) customer, so I would not have to change carriers. However I am with you, and will probably wait until the 2nd generation of the iPhone comes out. The compatibility of syncing between my Mac and the iPhone is worth getting one alone, IMO.


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