Win Some, Lose Some…

May 28th, 2007 | Posted in News

MAD art director Sam Viviano can’t believe I actually won an award.

No time to blog right now, as we are on our way back home from the NCS Reuben weekend. I will write a comprehensive synopsis of the event tomorrow.

I just thought I’d say I am pleased to announce I did win one of the two divisional Reubens I was nominated for on Saturday night. I won for Advertising Illustration. It is a huge honor and it’s quite moving to be recognized by a group full of legends, inspirations and incredible talents such as the NCS. I am humbled and honored.


  1. Matt. says:

    Congratulations Tom.

  2. hutch says:

    Well done Tom!

  3. Kannard says:

    Congratz Tom.

  4. kmcnutt says:

    Very cool, Tom. Congratulations!


  5. jancolors says:

    You are really funny, Tom!!! I am really pleased you won an award! Way to go!

  6. opsman says:

    Congats on your win!

  7. Trevour says:

    Congratulations Tom, and can’t wait to hear more about it upon your return!

  8. Pete says:

    Worthy winner Tom many Congratulations.

  9. Bucky says:

    Congratulations, Tom! Wish I could have been there to applaud your win! Looking forward to what you have to share about the weekend. Again, congrats!

  10. totopo says:

    Score! Congratulations!

  11. Tom says:

    Thanks, one and all!

  12. grthomas says:

    You are far, far too humble. It’s well deserved.


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