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May 23rd, 2007 | Posted in General

Tonight is the big season finale of “LOST”, which I will miss because of…

The Dreaded Deadline Demon!

I also haven’t seen the season finale of “Heroes”. Thank goodness for TIVO. Now I just have to avoid listening to anybody discussing either show until late next week…

In the meantime, as if anyone has the time to waste on a game as opposed to watching TV, there is a new game for the iPod out based on the LOST TV show. Just what I need, another possible distraction.

LOST Game Screen Capture

It looks extremely cool. You play as Jack and have to find food and water (and dynamite), take care of the other castaways, avoid the black smoke and other LOST activities. According to the game’s iTunes page (you’ll need iTunes to visit that link) the ‘storyline’ was written by the show’s writing staff. As Jack you interact with other main characters such as Locke, Sayid and Kate (woo hoo), meet and try to escape “The Others”, visit the island’s hot spots like Black Rock, the hatch, etc. The game page has a short demo which features photos of the cast as they “speak” and gives you a glimpse into the different parts of the game.

Since the game’s written by the show’s creative team, I wonder if it will start out exciting and then you’ll find yourself running in circles for a few hours before it picks up again. Heh, heh. Sorry… couldn’t resist.

LOST has really gotten good here at the end of the season. I’ll write a post finale article later, once I beat the DDD and can sit and enjoy it.


  1. SteveH says:

    Have to admit that I don’t play computer games, I get too frustrated with the whole thing, it must be my age as I’m not as young as your good self Tom. Ahhh to have youth again…..


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