One More Deadline Day…

April 3rd, 2007 | Posted in General

Either I am done with this MAD job by tomorrow morning, or I die trying. One or the other.

So, no time to blog. Just for fun, though, here’s something interesting. Regular readers might remember this little job I did for the Minnesota Twins last fall… a T-Shirt design based on the “Little Piranha” nickname they embraced last season. The Lovely Anna and my youngest daughter Gabrielle went to the opening day Twins ballgame last night versus the Baltimore Orioles (I was working, of course…) and came home with a program. In it was some announcements of upcoming promotions they would be having this season.

On May 8th, they will be giving away these finger puppets to the first 5,000 kids through the doors:


Looks familiar?

From my T-shirt design.

Before I get blitzed by e-mails screaming for me to file a copyright lawsuit, the original deal with the Twins was they would own all rights to the image, so this is perfectly within their rights. It does not surprise me as I expected them to use the designs for multiple items promotions. As long as I get a handful for my kids and neices/nephews I am quite content. It is kind of fun to see your work made into a toy… artists who do animation design see it all the time but it’s a rare thing for me. It’s only happened one other time which is a story for another day.

By the way, the Twins won, so all is well.

Back to work….


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