MAD about “The Best Damn Sports Show Period”

March 17th, 2007 | Posted in MAD Magazine

It seems the guys at the “Best Damn Sports Show Period” have a sense of humor. They were quite proud on a recent show of their appearance in MAD # 475.


They did a short segment on the parody, one of MAD’s series “MAD Deconstructs TV Talk Shows”. Host Chris Rose even read some excerpts complete with graphics of the panels blown up on the screen. No comments about my caricatures of the group, except for how long I drew Rodney Peete‘s tongue in the gag with Pam Anderson as the guest bimbo.

Here are the panels they highlighted:





Of course, I am not sure any of these guys actually read it (Rose called it a ‘2 page spread’ on the show… it’s three pages!), but whatever. It’s always fun to see that people still get excited about having their show or movie appear in MAD.

No doubt MAD will have some screen captures and poke fun at the show for mentioning the appearance in an upcoming issue. Look for that in a “Letters and Tomatoes Dept.” in the near future.


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