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March 9th, 2007 | Posted in General

Wednesday night I treated myself to an HD-DVD movie in the home theater. I saw “Troy” which looked gorgeous in HD but really dragged in places, and I would have given much to get to punch Orlando Bloom‘s foppish “Paris” character in the face. I’m glad that was a rental. Eric Bana’s performance as Hector was the best thing about that film.

But I digress… after the movie was done around 11:00, I checked my TIVO listings just to see if there was anything fun recorded in the last week to watch and I was surprised to see a new episode of “Lost” on my play list. Oh, yeah, that’s right… it’s Wednesday night… a new “Lost” was on at 9:00.

That should give you a broad indication of where “Lost” is with one time loyal viewers like myself. I totally forgot it was even on that night. It never even occured to me once in the last week. I watched it anyway.

In all fairness this was probably the best episode in a long time. Good action, some new characters and some plot advancement. Good flashback with Sayid. Some lighthearted play with the beach crowd and the ping pong table. I’m not back on board but maybe next Wednesday I won’t forget the damn show is on, which might be a sign of life in my book.


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