Wall of Shame: Pearls Before Swine

February 14th, 2007 | Posted in Wall of Shame

This piece is the one example of something that is not my own art on the Wall of Shame. Back in August my friend and hilarious syndicated strip cartoonist Stephen Pastis gave me a “cameo” in his popular strip Pearls Before Swine. Here it is again as it appeared in the Sunday funnies:

Click for a closer look

I told the story about how it came about in this post, but to make a long story short Stephen is a fan of MAD and likes my work. He came up with this gag and sprung it on me when we visited him in Santa Rosa while out there for my niece’s wedding. He had me draw that Barbra Streisand right on his original board. I used a Pitt brush pen. He did the rest of the strip around it.

A few weeks after it appeared in the comics, I recieved the original in the mail with a very nice acknowledgment at the bottom. The Lovely Anna framed it up along with a treated copy of the printed version. Stephen is a talented and incredibly funny writer and cartoonist, and I was thrilled to be “in” his strip.




I reciprocated by putting him in an issue of MAD, and I’m embarrassed to say I still have not send him the original page as I intend to put the text in place and have had no time to get to it. That’s on ‘my list’. A fun addition to the Wall of Shame.


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