Lost vs. Heroes, Round Two

February 7th, 2007 | Posted in General

Well, tonight is the big “spring premiere” of “Lost”. I watched the “fall finale” again thanks to the miracle of iTunes and honestly I had forgotten about half of that episode. This long hiatus was a huge mistake and I hope they pick things up with some big revelations and major plot movement. If not, that hiatus is going to seem even longer.

Meanwhile, “Heroes” is three episodes into the new year and far from spinning it’s wheels, it just keeps getting better. Things are starting to come together is many ways. It seems that the world of “Heroes” is a little like the world of Harry Potter. In some cases, a witch or wizard is spontaneously born of muggle (non-magical) parents, but it’s more common for the offspring of a witch and wizard to always be magical. It looks like some of those with powers just get them out of the blue, but the kids of two super-powered parents will always have some powers themselves. It was possible Micha was unique in that regard but the revelation of Claire and her natural parents shows that it’s likely the rule. Since both Patrelli siblings have powers, what about crazy mom? Speaking of the Patrellis, Peter is really becoming interesting. I was surprised when it became apparent he can still access the powers he absorbs even after the source has left his vicinity. That makes him the most powerful of all the heroes, ying to Sylar’s yang. It was also fascinating to see the concept introduced that these powers require practice and effort to control, as demonstrated by the invisible mans tutelage of Peter. So many interesting and cool twists keep cropping up. They aren’t afraid to off someone, either. Eden’s sacrifice was sudden and brutal.

What’s with the symbol? We’ve seen it on Jessica’s shoulder, the samurai sword Hiro thinks he needs to restore his powers, as well as on a pendent around the Haitian’s neck. Is there an ancient cult or organization that has kept these heroes hidden through the ages? Is Bennett the modern incarnation of this group? Is there a “Stick” out there somewhere?

All the storylines are getting interesting. The Niki/Jessica battle is just heating up. Clearly she has powers of great strength and violence, and that tattoo clinches the deal that she’s somehow a part of this. Sylar is so far the only clear villain among the super-powered, but will Jessica play a part, or are we in for a Peter David Hulk/Banner fusion eventually? Even Isaac is starting to be intriguing. Matt the psychic cop is still the only character who in my opinion is still looking for a role here, but he’s still becoming more interesting. It looks like he and some of the other Heroes will be interacting next episode. Some great potential there.

Did anyone else catch the license plate on Hiro’s father’s (played by George Takei) car? A little nod even this casual Trek fan appreciated. The writers on this show have a great sense of fun, and it comes thorough loud and clear on each episode.

“Heroes” is the anti-“Lost”. Things happen in that show, and they are often both unexpected and highly entertaining. Granted, they have a lot more to work with. The “Lost” writers have a little self contained island, like writing about an ant farm, while “Heroes” has the whole world and can introduce new characters at will. Still, “Lost” wasn’t ALWAYS so stuck on the island. Remember all those insightful flashbacks, filled with the intriguing, intertwining and unrealized contact between those who eventually became passengers on Oceanic 815? What happened to all that? The writers seem to have forgotten they do have a greater world to work with. I hope we at least find out a bit more about Ben’s “list” tonight.

Right now I’d rather see one episode of “Heroes” than all the rest of this season of “Lost”. We’ll see if that all changes tonight…


  1. mengblom says:

    From what I read, it seems the “Lost” producers have gotten the memo and are trying to bring some coherency and focus to the show from here on out. In addition to the hordes of impatient (and increasingly vocal) fans, I can’t help but think the success of “Heroes” may have alot to do with that, too.

    As for ‘Heroes”, you’re right: it just keeps getting better. After a mild lull close to the mid-season break, things are really starting to gel and converge.

    Bennet remains an intriguing “lynchpin” figure, and a real mystery as well. In fact, I noted is this week’s episode that they’re definitely trying to keep his first name a secret. Did you catch that?

    As for Nikki, I get the feeling the writers are keeping her character “in reserve” for whatever X-factor they need to lurch the plot into its final configuration for season’s end. Jessica is powerful and unpredictable enough to show up just about anywhere to propel just about any plot point forward, so I would expect her to remain “off stage” for a couple of weeks more until her character’s “services” are needed. I may be completely wrong, but that’s my guess.

    As much as I love the Hiro character, and as much as I loved the interlude with George Takai, I’m also hoping they put a little more forward motion into his storyline. The danger with Hiro is that it can veer a bit into “indulgently cute” territory if they don’t give them much to do. After a handful of episodes where Hiro and Ando were plunged into the thick of things (including a brush with Sylar), I think there may have been one too many episodes where they’re story felt like it was in “neutral”. So, now that we’ve had the cute family moment, let’s hit the gas and get Hiro back into the mix.

    For whatever reason, the painter/oracle guy just doesn’t do much for me. He’s already got kind of a clunky power that doesn’t seem to contribute much…other than to offer tantalizing (though cryptic) clues on what might be coming up. I could certainly sleep nights if this character goes bye-bye.

    Claire’s story continues to fascinate, due mostly to the great acting of Hayden Panettiere. I correctly guessed that Nathan is her father, though the tease clip showing a glimpse of a man wearing an expensive shirt didn’t exactly make it too hard to call. Nathan’s already shown us that he has a tendency to go for the pretty strangers (like his little Vegas tryst with Nikki/Jessica early in the season). I guess that makes Peter “Uncle Peter”, huh? Cool.

    Of course, the MOST riveting character (to me, anyway) remains Sylar. Immense power and immeasurable evil always make a great villain, but bringing it all home is the chilling performance of Zachary Quinto. Part of me almost wishes he sticks around after Season One. Who knows….maybe he’ll keep coming back like a good, old-fashioned comic book villain.

    All in all, just a fantastic show. Combined with “24”, Monday’s now the “Big TV Night” in my home.

    On another subject, Tom…are you going out to get the “Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born” comic book today? If so, let us know what you think of it once you’ve had a chance to read it.

  2. Tom says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Mark.

    Isaac has the least interesting power but it might be one of the most powerful. Early on the whole “addict” thing was stupid, and I thought it was ridiculous that someone who was supposed to be a heroin addict in the process of killing himself still looked like an underwear model. What is getting interesting with him are things like his loft becoming some kind of central part of the upcoming event, and they fact that he has yet to paint his own death even though Hiro saw it in the future.

    As for Hiro, I honestly think the writers don’t know what to do with him. His abilities are so powerful that if he wasn’t a goofy man-boy this would all be over by now. I think that’s why they caused him to lose his powers… otherwise he could travel back in time to anywhere and do whatever is needed to stop this. They can’t let him loose for too long. That brief glimpse of bad-ass future Hiro still ranks as the best scene in the show, in my book.

    Oh, and I’ll be getting that Dark Tower comic at some point this week… maybe not until “Comic Book Day” on Saturday, though. Certainly I plan a review here.

  3. Matt. says:

    The new episode was entertaining but I hope this is the last season.

    Not good odds on that.


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