Cold, Harsh Reality and Spam, Spam, Spam

February 5th, 2007 | Posted in General

Back in the land of 10,000 lakes… all of which are currently frozen solid. We were greeted by a balmy -4 degrees Fahrenheit on our return to Minnesota. That was the high temperature for the day…. the low is supposed to be -16. It’s hard to believe The Lovely Anna needed to get a sweatshirt when we were in Maui as it was ‘a little chilly’ with the strong breeze when not in the sun. That might have been all of 70 degrees.

While on the trip I kept up (more or less) with my e-mail. However I have my Macbook Pro set to not delete messages from the server, as I want them on my main computer when I get back home. The results of that is, while I am getting mail in chunks several times a day all week while away, they are all building up on the server. When I get home they are all downloaded and deleted from the server. The numbers that rolled up on my mail program were staggering.

After not having downloaded/deleted server mail since last week Saturday the 27th, it took some time to download it all. This number stood out in bold relief in my “Junk” filter mailbox, indicating the amount of spam I had recieved in that 8 day period:


That’s right. I got over three thousand spams in eight days. That is nearly 400 per day. I actually had a bit more as the spam filter doesn’t get them all, and I had a few dozen in my inbox. Thank the cyber-gods I had scanned and trashed that spam each time I downloaded on the trip, so I did not need to again here. That’s the worst part about this garbage… even the best spam filter doesn’t work perfectly, necessitating you taking the time to check no legitimate e-mails got zapped.

Pathetic. Are there really people out there in the world stupid enough to buy into these scams? Most of them are horribly cryptic in an effort to fool spam filters anyway, but even the ones that are coherent are obviously cons. I think the only way this spam blitzkrieg will ever end is when consumers completely stop responding to them, even the tiny % that do now, so no company will buy spam address lists and try to market their junk that way… as it has become ineffective. That will probably never happen. P.T. Barnum would have loved the internet.

Oops, I have to run. The lawyer of a deceased general from South Africa has chosen ME to assist him in transferring twenty five million dollars into the US, and I get a 10% commission! All he needs is my bank account number, routing number and password! I’m in the money! I’m in the money!


  1. SteveH says:

    And I thought I was the only one getting 400 spam a day! I usually try to take my laptop away with me to keep up on the mail and getting rid of all the junk. Africa is yesterdays news, you should be getting spam about business opportunities in China flooding your junk mailbox? As the spammers beleive you have made a few million bucks from Africa, they now want you to spend it in China! Ahhhh the internet, gotta love it!

  2. LorenS says:

    Ah yes the scams, I recieved word in the mail that I had a winning number in the North American Utilities draw. Enclosed was a check for $1995.00 from a real company on what looked like a real check. I was instructed to call Mrs. So and So or Mr; Who Ever to finalize the payment process. The check was for the fees and taxes on the amount won which the company secured for me, to save me the trouble as a commission.

    Basically how this works is you deposit the check all info from that probably winds up in the scam artists hands, but when you call them (usually on a pay as you go cell) you are instructed to wire them an amount which is just slightly less than what the check is for but you guessed it, the check is phony so it never clears and you are out the wired amount.

    Based out of Nova Scotia which seems to be a good home for the scum bags.


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