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November 29th, 2006 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Recent Octogenarian, singer Tony Bennett:



  1. Trevour says:

    Great likeness – I especially enjoy the teeth!

  2. SteveH says:

    Very cool Tom!

  3. cvanoni says:

    I’m REALLY enjoying these quick, daily studies, Tom.

    They’re not perfect (but they’re all great drawings!) and that’s what I like – I can see your approach a little clearer for the roughness. Moreso than eyeing a polishid, finished piece.

    Very interesting!
    The Daniel Craig was particularly strong I thought.

    – Corbett

  4. Tom says:

    Yes, I spend no more than 30 minutes per sketch. Once the time is up, that’s it. It gets posted, warts and all. Some are more successful than others.

  5. cvanoni says:

    To clarify – to say they’re ‘not perfect’ is to say there are obviously some little tweaks here and there which would improve the likenesses or anatomy – but I respect the fact that you are WELL ON TOP of all those things and that these are personal, quick studies.
    Your eye and draughtsmanship are fantastic.

    Also – I mentioned the Daniel Craig but I noticed I missed quite a few while out of town. There have been some wonderful ones lately!

    – C


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