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November 2nd, 2006 | Posted in General

I’m pretty busy trying to get caught up in the studio before my trip to LA this weekend, so I came “this close” to posting the Dreaded Deadline Demon today. However I have a new blog to plug, so I thought I’d do a quick post and do so.

My lovely and talented wife Anna and I are irrepressible foodies. When we travel we always plan our little trips around the restaurants we plan on visiting. Over the years we’ve been to places like New York, Paris, New Orleans, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Orlando, Maui and Oahu and a lot of other locales with some incredibly good dining. Frankly, we are spoiled snobs… but in a good way!

In October, on our family trip to Disney World, we took two nights off from the kids (my mom was along and took over for us) and we enjoyed two excellent meals with our very good friends, cartoonist Keelan Parham and his wife Barbie. One of these dinners was a seriously swanky event at the chef’s table of the (arguably) best restaurant in Orlando. During dinner, Anna mentioned she was thinking about starting a blog where she wrote about some of the great dining experiences we’ve enjoyed (and presumably some of the ones we haven’t). Barbie, Keelan and I were enthusiastic about the idea.

Anna is modest but she is a very good writer. She was planning on majoring writing and literature at the University of Minnesota before she met this dashing, handsome man who swept her off her feet. After he disappeared, we met and she ended up marrying me. Anyway she she started her new blog recently, and although she’s only got one restaurant reviewed so far it’s a doozy… the afore mentioned chef’s table in Orlando.

Check out her blog if you enjoy good food, or enjoy reading about other people enjoying good food. Just keep your hands off my Foie Gras, or you may lose a finger.


  1. Trevour says:

    Anna’s blog is making me hungry! Good (tasty?) stuff – I’ll make sure to check it out regularly!

  2. SteveH says:

    Hope Anna won’t mind but I have added her very cool blog to my friends list. Hope we can get to dine with you guy’s next year!


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