How to get a Piranhas T-Shirt

September 17th, 2006 | Posted in General

After a number of e-mails looking for a way to purchase a Minnesota Twins Piranhas T-shirt from out of state, I finally called a local Twin’s Pro Shop to ask them if there was a way. Turns out there is. You can call the Pro Shop directly, buy one via a credit card and they will ship it to you. All the shirts are ash gray in color with the big design on the back and small one in the front. They have the following sizes:

  • Adult sizes Med to XXL- $20.00 each
  • Youth sizes Sm to XL- $16.00 each

Shipping charges are extra, and I have no idea what they would be. Anyone interested in a shirt can call the Minnesota Twins Pro Shop at (952) 891-2934. They have no toll free number, and are open typical retail hours in US Central Standard Time.

Of course if you live in the Twin Cites or are visiting, you can buy them at any Minnesota Twins Pro Shops or at the Metrodome.

Dropping my name will elicit a profound “who?” and absolutely no price break or benefit whatsoever. I also get no cut of it, this is just a public service.


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