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August 4th, 2006 | Posted in General

Several blog readers have asked me why I don’t have an RSS syndication feed for my blog, to which my response was: “What the hell is an RSS syndication feed?” I’m new to this whole blog thing, you know. Thanks in particular to Roy Blumenthal for the handy link to more information he e-mailed me.

It turns out an RSS feed is a web page, automatically generated by your better blog software, that is used by an RSS reader to create a sort of “blog watch” alert that will tell you when a blog has been updated, and give some info and an easy link to the new posts. It also turns out that my blog software, WordPress, is one of your better blog programs and was doing this for me all along without me knowing it. They come in several flavors.

A little research on my part in their documentation told me where to find these RSS feed urls on my site. I have placed links to the different types on the blogroll to the right of the main blog page. I am sure the RSS 2.0 and RSS 0.92 types are working, but I am not sure about the RSS 1.0 and the Atom versions.

Try them out if you like!


  1. Hiya Tom…

    Ultra-cool of you to set up the RSS feeds! I’m receiving you loud and clear using, a free news aggregator. I’m very glad you discovered the power of RSS. I hope you’ll start using one of the many free aggregators to make your blog-reading so much easier!

    Thanks again for a beautiful, generous blog. I’m learning tons about the freelance world from you. Thank you.

    Blue skies


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