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July 14th, 2006 | Posted in General

I don’t usually post a lot of links to other blogs and websites, so when??ᬨ‚ĆI do it’s because I really think the content is worth checking out. Of course the links on my blogroll on the right are always worth checking out, but I have two that I recently visited that are worth a look-see.??ᬨ‚Ć

First, If you are a comic book fan, is a great site full of pop culture and comics related writings, articles and blogs. Check out the “Special Guest Lecturer” section where there are a lot of fun articles on comics in general. A good friend of mine and a terrific cartoonist, Mark Engblom, writes there often and his articles are hilarious… pointing out the fun and wacky things of comics past while giving a virtual history lesson of comics lore. Here is a link to an archive of various Guest Lecturer articles. This one of Mark’s is my favorite, since we both have soft spots for Batman and Superman, respectively.

You can also check out the blog of a fellow local NCS member and cartoon illustrator by the name of Cedric Hohnstadt. Cedric does some great work and also writes some very worthwhile articles, plus he said some nice things while plugging my blog! Cedric and I worked together one summer years ago at one of my theme park operations, and he has gone on to become a successful freelance illustrator.


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