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You’ve seen his work in dozens of national and international magazines, newspapers, products, books, films, and on TV… now spend a weekend learning the art of caricature from one of the best in the business!

Longtime caricaturist, humorous illustrator, and one of MAD Magazine’s principal members of the “Usual Gang of Idiots” Tom Richmond teaches his approach, process, and trade secrets of the art of caricature in an intense, three day caricature workshop in locations all over the world. Limited to a total of 12 students, you’ll get plenty of personal, one-on-one critique and instruction from Tom throughout the course of the workshop as well as full class exercises, lectures and tons and tons of drawing.

Whether your interests are with doing live caricature, illustration, comics or just caricature in general, you will not find a more hands on, informative and dynamic opportunity to learn the art form than one of Tom’s workshops. He will share his observations of specific subjects, explain what he looks for and how he chooses to exaggerate a face, demonstrate his process both with live caricature and illustration, demo his techniques and share his over three decades of knowledge over a fantastic three day experience. Tom will draw along with the students throughout the workshop, examining and caricaturing face after face while explaining how he approaches specific elements and how he draws them to great effect.

The truly invaluable element of these workshops is the personal interaction, feedback and instruction Tom provides each student. Limited to only 12 participants, Tom watches each student draw, examines their strengths and weaknesses, and provides instruction and draws along with them to help each participant better develop their caricature skills according to their goals. Video lessons provide only general instruction. These hands-on workshops allows you to get direct, one-on-one feedback and ask and have answered specific questions in a small, personal setting.

Each workshop will feature:

  • Presentation/lecture on caricature theory
  • Class demos/instruction of Tom’s inking, digital color, and live caricature techniques
  • Class drawing activities/exercises
  • One on one instruction with Tom
  • Catered lunch on one of the workshop days
  • Personal critique of student portfolios
  • After class social time

Each workshop also includes:

  • A signed copy of The Mad Art of Caricature and Sketch o’the Week, Vol 1
  • An Artist’s Proof of one of Tom’s “Batman” Prints
  • Your “live” style caricature drawn by Tom
  • Custom Caricature Workshop T-shirt featuring caricatures of the entire class with art by Tom
  • Random other goodies

Cost: $600. $100 refundable deposit required to reserve your space.

This unique opportunity to work side by side with and learn from one of the world’s best known caricature illustrators is not to be missed! Below is a list of our upcoming workshop locations and dates. Click on any to read the details of the event and place a deposit to reserve your space today!

Orlando, FL: Jan 19th-21st 2017- SOLD OUT

Las Vegas, NV: Feb 7-9th- SOLD OUT

Dallas, TX: March TBD- Click to email us if interested

Eagan, MN: April TBD-Click to email us if interested

Springfield, MA: May TBD- Click to email us if interested

Pittsburgh PA: (TBD) June 2017- Click to email us if interested

Munich, Germany: (TBD) July 2017- Click to email us if interested

New Jersey, NJ: (TBD) Aug 2017- Click to email us if interested

Eagan, MN: (TBD) Sept 2017-Click to email us if interested




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