“The Game is Afoot!” Limited Edition Print


Sherlock Holmes is one of literature’s greatest characters, and holds the Guinness World Book of Records title of “most portrayed literary human character in film & TV”, having been depicted onscreen 254 plus times by over different 75 actors. This limited edition print caricatures a selection of eight of the most recognizable of these portrayals, spanning over 90 years of Holmes on the big and small screens:

  • John Barrymore– “Sherlock Holmes” 1922 silent film
  • Basil Rathbone– 14 Holmes films from 1939-1946
  • Peter Cushing– “The Hound of the Baskervilles” film 1959 and BBC series, 1968
  • Christopher Plummer– “Murder by Decree” film, 1979
  • Michael Caine– “Without a Clue” film, 1988
  • Jeremy Brett– Granada TV series, 1984-1994
  • Robert Downey Jr.- Films “Sherlock Holmes” 2009 and “A Game of Shadows” 2011
  • Benedict Cumberbatch– “Sherlock” BBC series, 2009 to present

Limited to only 450 prints, all hand numbered and signed by Tom.

It’s elementary that Holmes fans will love this print! Shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube, and personalized if directed!

11″ x 24″, elegant matte finish professional print

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