“Bats in the Belfry!” Signed Artist Proof


The limited edition run and all artist’s proof of this print are SOLD OUT!

Batman is one of the most enduring and beloved comic book characters of all time, and has been portrayed in many different ways on television and in film since the mid 1900s. This handsome, professionally produced print caricatures, and pokes a little gentle fun at, the eight different portrayals of the fictional Dark Knight, spanning over 70 years of Batman on the big and small screens:

  • Lewis Wilson– “Batman” movie serial series from 1943
  • Robert Lowery– “Batman and Robin” movie serial series from 1949
  • Adam West– “Batman” television series series, 1966-68
  • Michael Keaton– “Batman” and “Batman Returns” films, 1989 & 92
  • Val Vilmer– “Batman Forever” film, 1995
  • George Clooney– “Batman and Robin” film, 1997
  • Christan Bale.- “The Dark Knight” film trilogy, 2005-2012
  • Ben Affleck– “Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice”, 2016

Fans of the Caped Crusader will love this unique collectible. Shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube, and personalized if directed!

11″ x 28″, elegant matte finish professional print

Sold Out