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Posting every day is a lot of work. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it and am glad to share things like cartooning and illustration techniques, tutorials, tips on freelancing, insights into professional cartooning, working for MAD and cartooning and caricature art news. However it does take time away from my regular work. The MAD Blog does not have Google advertising ( we do have a link to our recommended books and resources on Amazon and we sell useless crap as well), but we are also not above a little shameless begging! If you enjoy or get anything out of what you read here on The MAD Blog, consider tipping the blog via PayPal! Just click this shiny button…

Under no circumstances should readers feel obligated to contribute. Only do so if you really feel you’ve gotten something worthwhile here. We’ll use the money for nothing but frivolous purchases of toys, gadgets, games and other completely unjustifiable cool stuff! I can absolutely guarantee that… maybe. The Lovely Anna may decide to rename the “Tip Jar” into “Anna’s Shoe and Handbag Fund”, or they may go to paying for growing fees for webhosting as bandwidth and disk space increase. My money is on the shoes… literally. Regardless if the tip jar is overflowing with moola or only rattles with a few tarnished coins, The MAD Blog will continue along as it has, hopefully with content readers will find useful, enjoy and maybe even learn something from. Whether you decide to tip The MAD blog or not, thanks for reading!


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