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Stay Tooned #6 is OUT!

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

The sixth issue of John Read‘s excellent cartoon industry magazine Stay Tooned! is officially released today. I got my copy a day or two ago, and John continues to produce a top notch publication. Here’s the lowdown on this “Mike” issue:

Issue 6 (available beginning March 3rd and until it inevitably sells out) features a multitude of Mikes: new profiles (that’s interviews and art galleries) of Mike Arnold, Mike Cope, Mike Edholm, Michael Jantze, Mike Lynch, Michael Maslin and Michael Ramirez; Cartoonist Surveys conducted by David Paccia with Mike Marland and Mike Shapiro; a “True-Life Adventure” told by Mike Mignola.  Photo reports share John Read’s “One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages” travels to Disney ToonFest and Omaha, Nebraska, and his visit to the Cartoon Library at Ohio State University for the Sunday Funnies stamps First-Day-of-Issue ceremony.  AND: articles/columns contributed by Tom Richmond, R.C. Harvey, Jim Ivey, Rich & Neil Diesslin and John Hambrock!

If you haven’t been getting Stay Tooned, you’ve both been missing out and have missed out… meaning issues 1 through 5 are totally sold out and you are SOL… in fact issue six might be sold out in the time it took me to type this blog post!! Go get a subscription, quick!

Stay Tooned #5 Released!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Cover art by Bill Janocha

I received a pleasant surprise in my mailbox yesterday… the newest issue of Stay Tooned! Magazine in all it’s hot-off-the-press glory. I also got a lot of pre-approved credit card offers, but they were considerably less thrilling. Still, anything addressed to me (and I count “Current Resident” as being addressed to me) in the mailbox in the middle of a Minnesota winter is something. When your mail is delivered by dogsled even the junk mail is welcome.

Stay Tooned! is far from junk mail, though… that is genuine “glad to see it” mail.

Publisher John Read continues his string of excellence with another great issue, featuring among other things:

  • Profiles:
    • Jack and Carol Bender (Alley Oop)
    • Roz Chast (Gag Cartoonist- The New Yorker)
    • Jeff Koterba (Editorial Cartoonist)
    • Joe Bluhm (Caricaturist, animator, illustrator)
    • Justin Thompson (Mythtickle)
    • Mort Walker (duh… Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois)
  • “Honey, I wanna Be a Cartoonist” by John Hambrock (The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee)
  • “NCS Cartoonists USO Trip to the Middle East” by Bruce Higdon (Punderstatements)
  • “Reflections of a Gag Writer” by Don Hagist (duh… Gag Writer)
  • Regular contributions from R.C. Harvey, Scott Nickel and yours truly

It was particularly cool to see my buddy, the mega-talented Joe Bluhm, profiled in this issue.

As usual the magazine is a great read from cover to cover. I have been singing the praises of Stay Tooned! since it’s first issue and for good reason. John’s efforts are herculean and the results are really top notch. If you are either in the cartooning field, aspire to it or are just a fan and you do NOT have a subscription to Stay Tooned!, you are doing yourself a major disservice. If you are thinking “Oh, I can just go there and buy a back issue whenever I want” then think again… the entire runs of issues 1 thru 4 are SOLD OUT. Gone, vamoosed, poof. Go immediately to their website and subscribe so you do not miss out on another issue. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200 (although that would be nice).

Stay Tooned Issue #4 is Out!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Cover art by Yours Truly

I got a pleasant surprise in the mailbox yesterday… issue #4 of John Read‘s excellent Stay Tooned! magazine has arrived.

This issue is the “MAD” issue featuring profiles of eight different members of “The Usual Gang of Idiots”: Don “Duck” Edwing, Scott Nickel, Sergio Aragonés, myself, John Kovaleski, Paul Coker, Ted Rall and Jack Davis (listed in order of appearance in the issue). These profiles/interviews are extensive and full of fantastic info and great artwork.

It also features an intro article by longtime MAD editor Nick Meglin in which he calls me a bastard… but he means that in the nicest possible way of course. There are also other great articles including one about Don Martin by R.C. Harvey, a story about the road to comic strip syndication by “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee” cartoonist John Hambrock, “Reflections of a Gag Writer” by Don Hagist, photos and details from last spring’s cartoonist’s USO trip to Germany and lots of other gems.

The substandard cover art is the only blemish of the issue.

As usual John has outdone himself. I’ve never heard anyone who has ever seen an issue of Stay Tooned! NOT rave about the content, the production, the enormous volume of articles and features and virtually every other aspect of the magazine. The only complaint I’ve ever heard is the $9.00 per issue price tag, but that has only come from people who have NOT seen the magazine. Anyone who has would agree it’s worth much more than the cover price.

Go order a copy today! Better yet, get a subscription. Stay Tooned! really is a worthy successor to Cartoonist Profiles.

Cover Art for Stay Tooned #4

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Stay Tooned! #4
The art for the cover of the next issue of Stay Tooned! Magazine.
Click image for a closer look…

I have been singing the praises of John Read‘s fantastic publication Stay Tooned! for some time now, and was delighted when John asked me to illustrate the cover of the upcoming issue number four AKA the “MAD” issue. The issue won’t be in print until at least next month, but John gave me permission the other day to preview the art I did for the cover.

The issue contains profiles of some of the Usual Gang of Idiots: Sergio Aragonés, Paul Coker Jr., Jack Davis, Don “Duck” Edwing, John Kovaleski, Scott Nickel, Ted Rall and myself, along with the usual other great stuff you have come to expect from Stay Tooned!. It was a fun cover to do and I can’t wait to see the issue. Although he told me he isn’t ready to do so quite yet, I am sure John will start promoting and taking advanced orders for this issue soon.

Here’s some close ups of some of the areas of the illustration:

Jack Davis!
Jack Davis!

Sergio Aragones!
Sergio Aragones!

Paul Coker Jr!
Paul Coker Jr!

So keep an eye out for this one coming soon!

Stay Tooned Issue No. 3

Friday, February 27th, 2009


On my way to San Francisco today, but at least I’ll have something to read on the way! Issue # 3 of the excellent “Stay Tooned!” magazine appeared in my mailbox on Wednesday.

This issue features profiles of two of the members of my local NCS Chapter, the “North Central”: editorial cartoonist Paul Fell and illustrator Cedric Hohnstadt. Also featured are profiles on Chad Carpenter, Benita Epstein, R.J. Matson, Jim Scancarelli, Richard Thompson and Mike Witmer. There are addtional articles by Mark Tatulli, John Kovaleski and Mike Edholm, as well as regular columns and contributions by R.C. Harvey, Norm Feuti and myself. Cover by Richard Thompson.

Stay Tooned! just keeps getting better. Editor and publisher John Read really puts his heart and soul into this magazine, and it shows. Sharp printing, nice paper, great layouts and fantastic content from cover to over. This is truly a worthy successor to “Cartoonist Profiles”. If you have any interest in cartooning, you are seriously missing out on something special if you aren’t getting Stay Tooned!. Go subscribe at this website right now, and while you are at it buy up the first three back issues. No kidding, there is no other publication of this type in the world, and the world needs one… especially one this well done.

Stay Tooned! No. 2

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Stay Tooned! #2

One of the cool things that happened last weekend at ToonFest in Marceline was the appearance of John Read with a handful of advance copies of the second issue his magazine Stay Tooned!

The issue looks great, including the fantastic cover seen above by Joe Staton. Contents include:

  • Profiles of Mike Peters, Tom Bancroft, Joe Staton, Mason Mastroianni and Bill Day
  • Interviews with Jules Feiffer, Berke Brethed and Ben Towle.
  • Pictures from the 2008 NCS Reuben awards
  • Several articles by the likes of Jack Cassidy, Corey Pandolph and Norm Feuti
  • Regular features galore including R.C. Harvey‘s “Funnies Farrago” and my “MAD Mailbag”

As with the first issue the profiles are jam packed with the subject’s artwork, and the other pages are likewise filled with great cartooning and great information. Also once again the issue is huge, weghing in at 88 pages with minimal ads.

This is obvioulsy a labor of love for John and the results are terrific. If you don’t have a subcription yet  check out the Stay Tooned! website for the goodies. Highly recommended.

Stay Tooned!

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Last week I mentioned that John Read‘s new quarterly magazine, Stay Tooned! had been released and was arriving in subscriber’s mailboxes. Two days later I got my copy, and was finally able to give it a good read through yesterday.

First off, it weighs in at a whopping 88 pages, and most of that is content, not advertising. That’s an impressive collection of articles and interviews on cartooning. It’s printed on a white, sturdy stock paper with a color cover. Photos and artwork reproduce well on that paper, and they all look great in the magazine.

The issue includes profiles of no less than nine working cartoonists (in order of print): Greg Cravens, Marcus Hamilton, Steve Kelley, Steven Butler, John Rose, Mashall Ramsey, John Deaton, Rob Corley and Scott Stantis. The interview-style profiles of the artists are of good length and much better conceived and thought out than your typical generic question interviews. Each one asks questions tailored to the specific artist and his style or area of expertise. It’s fascinating to learn how and from where these artists came to be professional cartoonists, as well as what they do and how they do it.

There is also no lack of artwork. Each interview, column or article contains no small number of cartoons and illustrations, in some cases including early stages of drawings and rough concepts. Marcus Hamilton’s profile shows the process of the conception and revisions on a Dennis the Menace panel that is particularly interesting.

Article contributions and columns by the likes of Daryl Cagle, Norm Feuti, Brad Fitpatrick, David Fitzsimmons, Bob Harvey, Rob Smith Jr. and Richard Thompson are informative and/or entertaining. I especially liked Brad’s story of a clueless guy who wanted to use some of his artwork for nothing and the resulting correspondence (complete with bad internet spelling and grammar). Any cartoonist with a website can relate.

I was duly impressed with the magazine and hope it meets with great success. It’s a worthy successor to Jud Hurd‘s Cartoonist PROfiles. My only complaint about the magazine was the hack that contributed the “Mail Q & A” column… John must owe that guy money or something.

Anyway, if the $9.00 cover price seems steep the magazine and content is worth it and more. You can visit the Stay Tooned! website to order a copy of the premiere issue and subscribe.


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