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On the Drawing Board- 10/30/12

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

I just wrapped up a bunch of jobs over the weekend including a three page magazine spread, a magazine spot illustration and a workplace poster jobso things are a lot less hectic than usual. Here’s what’s still currently on the drawing board:

  • MAD movie parody (seven pages!)
  • Penthouse spot illustration
  • Another Workplace poster illustration
  • Lot’s of caricatures for the “Limited Artist’s Edition” of my book

Speaking of those workplace posters, here’s the final from my past assignment with them:

Clicky to Embiggen…

On the Drawing Board- 6/25/12

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Can’t seem to get ahead . . . a great problem for a freelancer to have but I am going to be doing a lot of traveling this summer and the drawing board just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Here’s what’s on the board currently:

  • Marlin Co. Workplace poster- Doing finals today. They allow me to post the results right away so perhaps tomorrow on that.
  • Jeff Dunham art- More finished illustration for some future products, also finishing today
  • Utne Reader cover- just got this assignment, pencils due tomorrow, final next week.
  • MAD Parody- The Avengers for MAD #517! Usually I have to keep what I am working on a secret, but writer Dick DeBartolo let the Asgardian out of the bag online, so it’s open season. due first week of July.
  • Cover of The Cartoon!st- The cover of the post-Reuben weekend issue of the NCS newsletter is is always done by the winner of the Reuben Award . . . That’s me!

I know I’m forgetting something—hopefully I’ll remember what it was before the deadline.

This weekend I wrapped up a Penthouse illustration, and last week I finished a huge book illustration project for Simon and Schuster, which I will be able to elaborate on when the book is announced or at least when it’s released this fall. It’s a pretty high-profile book with a tie in to a major television series, so I hope it will be a big seller. It was a fun project that had me working in all sorts of different styles as part of some specific parody elements.

Back to the drawing board!

On the Drawing Board- 6/5/12

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Plenty of jobs going right now:

  • Book Illustrations- for a well-selling Simon and Schuster published series that cannot be named as yet, tight deadline.
  • Penthouse- Series of 6 illustrations for ongoing feature. Very tasteful, I promise.
  • MAD Movie Parody- Ordinarily I am not allowed to say what I am working on for MAD but as writer Dick DeBartolo already let the Hulk out of the bag, I guess I can go ahead and say it’s The Avengers.
  • Animation Project- 10 more character designs for another RG Entertainment short.
  • Jeff Dunham Art- Some stuff due tomorrow, in fact.
  • Marlin Co. Workplace Poster- My usual monthly assignment

Speaking of those workplace posters, here is last month’s job—just so you have something to look at in this art blog today besides a bunch of words. As always, clicky to embiggen:

The finished art

Pencil Roughs…

The inks…

On the Drawing Board- 5/10/12

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Clicky to embiggen images . . .

The pencil rough

Finished inks

Just finally wrapped up a 6 pager for MAD yesterday—right at the wire. Lot’s of other stuff still on the board, though . . . no rest for the wicked. The above was my Marlin assignment for April with pencil roughs and inks, here’s what’s currently on the board:

  • NBA Poster project- gotta wrap that up this weekend
  • Warner Bros. product illustration- Might be able to share the one I did back in Feb soon. This is another in the same vein. Due tomorrow.
  • May workplace poster assignment for Marlin
  • More Jeff Dunham stuff
  • Big book illustration job for Simon and Shuster- offically a “go”, deadline first week of June. Will share the details when I get the okay to do so. This one will keep me hopping for the next month.


Swamped . . .

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

All due in the next week to 10 days:

  • NBA promotional cover project
  • Marlin Workplace poster
  • 6 page MAD Parody
  • Illustration for Warner Bros. Consumer Product line
  • MAD TV show segment art
  • Jeff Dunham illustration art
  • My Directory of Illustration page artwork

Sooooo…. things might be a little sparse here on The MAD Blog for the forseeable future.

On the Drawing Board- 4/5/12

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Clicky to Embiggen…

Lot’s going on right now!

  • Just wrapping up a two pager for Sports Illustrated Kids this morning
  • NBA illustration project
  • Cover to a very cool graphic novel
  • New MAD TV parody- 6 pages
  • Several spot illustrations for Jeff Dunham
  • Art for a segment of the MAD show on Cartoon Network (still waiting on full details)
  • Another Marlin Co. poster

Plus I am off today to open up my caricature operation at Six Flags St. Louis for the season. Whew.

Above is a recent Marlin workplace poster illustration, and here’s another, plus the pencil roughs for both:

On the Drawing Board

Monday, March 5th, 2012

A few things going and upcoming right now:

  • MAD Parody- Movie for issue #515. Deadline rushing headlong at me and it’s angry.
  • Graphic Novel Cover- Not sure how to classify this, but it’s a fun job that the publisher wants me to do just the inked art for, and a colorist will be painting. This will be the first time since my comic book days another artist has colored my work. Should be interesting.
  • Company Logo Design- I usually refuse to do logo work because I hate working with type, and it’s not really my forte anyway, but this one was a rare instance that I thought the concept fit me style. Plus, it’s for a brand of beer.
  • Marlin Co. Workplace Poster- My usual monthly assignment.

There are a few other things coming down the pipe, but these are all in progress or imminent. Here’s a couple of jobs I did recently that I can share now:

Workplace poster:

Pencil Rough- Clicky to Embiggen

Sharp-eyed readers may recognize the caricature in this pencil rough as the one I used to cheat on my “sketch o’the Week” a few weeks back. Occasionally this client throws in a caricature of somebody as part of the message. This one was about how not every suggestion from an employee needs to be “genius”, often the best ones are just simple and creative.

Final Art- Clicky to Embiggen

Pencil Rough- Clicky to Embiggen

In this spot illustration I was asked to do a side-by-side of two portraits of the same woman, one looking frustrated without looking really angry, and the other looking demure and slightly embarrassed. They specifically asked for the viking attire.

Final Art- Clicky to Embiggen

After review they decided the viking portrait is all they really needed, so we axed the other and I widened the portrait to accommodate the aspect ration they wanted. If you click the image to see the larger version, you might be able to see I added a canvas texture to the portrait . . . a cheap PhotoShop trick but appropriate in this instance.

On the Drawing Board- 1/23/12

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Actually I’m on vacation! But, there’s still work either in progress or waiting for me when I get back:

  • Book Illustration- Doing a ten page/cover job for a book pitch. Don’t worry, I’m getting paid for it whether the book get’s picked up or not.
  • Warner Bros. Video Box Artwork- a spot illustration that is being used for product packaging.
  • NCS Reuben Brochure Art- My usual artwork for the cover of the Reuben Brochure.

Here’s my latest Marlin workplace poster illustration, pencil roughs and finals. There were some changes to the patient’s expressions asked for, as you can see from the end result. As always, clicky to embiggen:

The pencil sketch

The revised and final art

On the Drawing Board- 1/3/12

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Here’s what’s cooking in the studio right now:

  • MAD parody- Wrapping this up this week, can’t reveal the subject until it’s out in MAD #514.
  • TV commercial character design- blogged about this earlier.
  • Major book project- This was pending for a while but it looks like a “go”. Not a MAD book—I’ll be illustrating another author’s concept. This will take months.
  • More Jeff Dunham art- Ongoing project.

On the Drawing Board- 12/8/11

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

December is often one of the slower months for illustration work. It might just seem that way because I am usually slammed in October and November with projects for the “Year End” issues of publications… or maybe it’s because many magazines work on a yearly budget and by December they are tapped out for illustration money. I suspect the latter is one of the big reasons.

Not that I have nothing going. Here is what is on the rather light drawing board at the moment:

  • MAD Parody- This one is of a very popular TV show that (as always) I can’t reveal until publication. I’m glad to have a “continuity” piece to work on for MAD again (that’s what the staff call the movie/TV parodies), although it was nice to have a little break from them the last two months. I did that Supreme Court video game feature in MAD #512, and the upcoming MAD #513 will have a two-pager I did for the “MAD 20″, but before that I did nine movie or TV parodies in a row (if you count “Toyota Story” and “The Wizard of O” as true parodies). Anyway, after that beat it will be fun to do another continuity.
  • Jeff Dunham Art- Jeff keeps me hopping. Working an various illustrations and art for a variety of uses. Hopefully soon I can link to somewhere that will have some of his merchandise using some of my artwork.

I just finished up not one but two of those workplace posters for The Marlin Company- here are the roughs, inks and finals for both. Click on any image for a closer look…


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