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On the Drawing Board- 3/31/15

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

mildthingHere’s what’s on the drawing board right now:

  • Z-People Comic- Still hammering away at this 45 page comic for SitComics
  • Trading card Illustration- for a corporate client as part of an ongoing educational campaign
  • Half page ad illustration- This is a sort of personal project
  • Big banner ad- for a super-secret public cartoonist’s event TBA!!
  • Workplace poster- My usual monthly assignment

This is the worst time of year for me. I am up to my eyeballs in preparations for the NCS Reubens Weekend and finalizing the awards, opening up my theme park operations, and my usual workload. Ugh.

Speaking of workplace posters, above is the final art for the latest of these… rough sketch below.



On the Drawing Board- 3/6/15

Friday, March 6th, 2015

grand slam

The old drawing board is actually close to being reasonably caught up for a change. I just finished several big projects in the last week or so:

  • MAD Movie Parody- This was not for the magazine but for a special project that I don’t think I can announce yet. It may end up in the magazine eventually or for sure in some collection or bookazine, but for now it’s going to be available for this limited item. BTW, this parody contains the most insane two page spread I’ve ever done for MAD. Took me four full days to do these two pages.
  • Jeff Dunham Illustrations- Just finished a bunch of work for Jeff, mostly Las Vegas themed product art but one other thing that hopefully will see the light of day in the near future. I will announce that when I can.
  • Scholastic- Have done several spot illustrations for them lately, a former regular client so nice to be back to doing work for them.
  • Marlin Co. poster- See above, my latest workplace poster.

Still going:

  • Another MAD Movie Parody: This one is for the magazine. Tight deadline now so this will be my day and night for a while
  • Z People Comic- Chapter two in the works.
  • Another Marlin Poster- My usual monthly assignment

On the Drawing Board- 2/3/15

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

On the Drawing Board

So what’s on the ol’ drawing board right now?

  • Z People Comic- Furiously inking pages for this trying to meet an end of the week deadline
  • Jeff Dunham Illustrations- Busy doing several “Las Vegas” themed pieces for Jeff’s show
  • MAD- 6 page movie parody for a special project TBA (not for the magazine)
  • Workplace Poster- My usual monthly assignment

We are headed out this weekend to Orlando to visit my daughter, The Effervescent Gabrielle, Mickey Mouse, and a few others for a week, so I have to get caught up and ahead a bit before we go. Posting might be a bit light.

Below is the illustration I did for last month’s workplace poster assignment, roughs and finals (clicky to embiggen…):



On the Drawing Board- 10/24/14

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Santa SelfieClicky to Embiggen…

Well, nothing is in front of me since I am currently on my way to the Caribbean for a well-deserved vacation, but there’s plenty on the old drawing board awaiting my return:

  • MAD 20 piece- 1 pager. This will be the first issue of MAD since #520 back in April of 2013 without a movie or TV parody drawn by me in it!
  • Z-People Comic- Wrapping up the first chapter!
  • Jeff Dunham Illustrations- He’s been keeping me busy lately. The latest are product illustrations for his new Las Vegas show.
  • Marlin Poster- My usual monthly assignment

Speaking of The Marlin Co., above is the final art on my piece for publication in December, the pencil sketch of which I posted some weeks ago.

On the Drawing Board 8/8/14

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Well, I’m not actually at the drawing board right now, unless you count all the caricatures I am doing of the men and women in our armed forces serving in undisclosed locations in the Persian Gulf this week. But, here’s what is awaiting me when I get back to the studio next week:

  • MAD TV parody- For once I can tell you exactly what I am working on for MAD, since editor John Ficarra spilled the beans in an interview at Comic-Con last week… it’s “Orange is the New Black”. This, I believe, will be MAD’s first parody of an Internet-only TV show. History, baby. Historians will be disappointed I am the one drawing it.
  • Comic Book Project- Met with the writer of this project at Comic-Con, and things are moving along with this humorous zombie story. Loving working on this… it reminds me of the old EC comics tales.
  • Book Illustrations- Way behind on this but have gotten some headway on the pitch. Working with a TV comedy writer and the book is quite entertaining.
  • Unique caricature illustration project- Wow, talk about ambiguous. Not sure I can really share what this is all about but it is a fun and somewhat historical gig. It invokes caricatures/gags of celebrities for a well known chain of… something.
  • Jeff Dunham Product Illustration- Jeff is in the news right now as he just announced he’s doing an ongoing show at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He and I are working on a line of Vegas themed products for his new venue. Very beginning stages brainstorming gags right now.
  • Marlin Co. Poster- My usual monthly assignment. I posted the sketch of the last one Wednesday, here’s the final of that one:


On the Drawing Board- 6/24/14

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Fair Food finalClicky any to embiggen…

I have a couple of big projects on the board right now that is keeping me from accepting a lot of little jobs. There are pros and cons to that, but mostly pros. Here’s what’s on the board right now:

  • MAD Magazine- 5 page TV show parody
  • Book Illustrations- Working with an author on a “pitch” for what looks like a really fun book
  • Comic book project- Sort of a half graphic novel I am now way behind on.
  • Marlin Co Poster- My usual monthly assignment. Above is the final of a recent one I did for them. Pencils and ink below.

Fair Food roughs

Fair Food inks

On the Drawing Board- 4/15/14

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Hand SanitizerClicky to embiggen…

Things are heating up on the old drawing board. Here’s what’s going on right now:

  • Comic Book Project- Ongoing, but going into higher gears now.
  • MAD TV Parody- Just got the splash for that. Six or Seven pages. Great subject.
  • Marlin Workplace Poster- My usual monthly assignment
  • Event poster- An unusual project, will share when appropriate.
  • T-shirt design project- Just a little thing I am doing for a good client.
  • New print illustration!- Debuts next week!

Last month’s Marlin poster posted above, pencil rough below.

Hand Sanitizer roughPencil Rough (digital)

On the Drawing Board- 2/4/14

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Egg Hunt final
Clicky to Embiggen…

The drawing board is heating up in the cold of our Minnesota winter. Lot’s of regular client work on the board as well as a few different projects:

  • Marlin Co workplace poster- My usual monthly assignment. Last month’s art above.
  • Comic book project- I’m really digging in to this one right now, and it will usurp a lot of my time over the next two months. It’s a 45 page comic written by a veteran TV comedy writer. I’m doing all the art (pencils, inks and color) on interior and cover. His plan is to have them in print in time for Comic Con this summer. I will certainly plug the project when the time is appropriate.
  • DC Comics cover- This April DC is going to have another run of “variant covers” done by MAD artists, and I’m doing one again. Last year’s was a lot of fun. Just did the pencils and got them approved, will be inking and coloring later this week.
  • Corporate caricatures- A local design firm occasionally hires me to do caricatures of executives for their corporate clients. Not usually my favorite kind of project but the art director for this firm happens to be an artist who worked for me doing caricatures back in the early 90’s at my Minnesota theme park operation, and corporate work like this can pay quite well.
  • Penthouse “Dave Navarro” spot illustrations- a run of three more of these, used as the column header graphics for Dave’s love/sex/life advice column in the magazine. See below for the one I did for this month’s issue.
  • MAD Movie parody- Awaiting the layouts to get started on this one for MAD #527.
  • Misc Commissions- Finishing a couple of James Bond commissions this week as well.

Cupid Dave


On the Drawing Board- 12/24/13

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

What, me work over Christmas? Yep. Here’s what’s on the board right now:

  • 7 Page MAD Movie Parody-
  • Special art commission- A rarity for me, but more on that later this week
  • 40 plus page comic book project- This one will be a lot of work, but my first long comic book story since my “Coneheads” miniseries for Marvel back in the 1990’s! I’ll be sure to plug it here when I get the go ahead.
  • Marlin Workplace poster- my usual monthly assignment

Speaking of workplace posters here are a couple I did recently… sketches and finishes:

texting at lunch

texting at lunch_roughs



On the Drawing Board- 9/17/13

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Most of these are in progress already but I’ve got a lot to get done before I depart on Saturday for Italia:

  • CN MAD Show episode- This one is for the upcoming 100th episode in November!
  • Brochure Cover Art- This is for a scientific event program of some kind, and features caricatures of Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, and Salvador Dali (!). An interesting project and one I will write about due to a certain aspect of it I sometimes run up against
  • Marlin poster- My usual monthly assignment
  • Jeff Dunham Illustrations- Doing a few of these for Jeff for some products
  • Penthouse “Dave Navarro” Spot Illustration-

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