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Monday MADness- The Schiavo Media Circus!

mad 20 circus rough

This week’s Monday MADness is a peek at a rough sketch for a “MAD 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2005″ piece entitled “The Terri Schiavo Media Circus” from MAD #461, January 2006. The original rough above got changed quite a bit by the editors for the final page seen below. This was a rare instance where I incorporated some realistic art in with a MAD piece… there was no other way to handle drawing Terri Schiavo, and if really drives home the pathetic, political maneuvering the media and the ancillary players in this tragedy were guilty of. I was sorry to lose the George W. Bush “flying body” pose I originally did and have to replace it with the less dynamic (and less reminiscent of a real circus poster) version the editors insisted on. Ah, well… dey da bosses.

Schiavo Circus

One Response to “Monday MADness- The Schiavo Media Circus!”

  1. David Lubin says:

    I live in the area where the Schiavo case played out and it certainly was a media circus, you did a great job capturing the reality of it, Tom.


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