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NCS Reuben Awards Speakers Announced

2014 Reubens

Clicky to Embiggen… Roughly left to right: Tom Gammill, “Weird Al” Yankovic,
Greg Evans, Eddie Pittman, Sandra Bell-Lundy, Russ Heath,
Bunny Hoest Carpenter, John Reiner, Suzy Spafford, Chris Houghton.

The lineup for the speakers for the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Awards Weekend was just released:

From the NCS Website

Also on the agenda for the Reuben Awards Show:

  • Tom Gammill- TV writer, producer on The Simpsons and the host of the Reuben Awards show
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic- Grammy winning musician, humorist, winner of the 2014 NCS A.C.E. Award (Amateur Cartoonist Extraordinaire)

That’s my art for the official brochure above.

Just a quick word on the A.C.E. award. This was an award that used to be given out pretty regularly back in the day. It was awarded to a famous person who wanted to be a cartoonist when they were young but ended up becoming famous for something else. Some past winners include Carol Burnett, Jonathan Winters, Jackie Gleason, Orson Bean, Ginger Rogers, Al Roker, Denis Leary and Morely Safer, among many others. Weird Al wanted to be a writer for MAD Magazine growing up, and for some silly reason became a Grammy award-winning musician instead.

Looks like another fun NCS Reuben Awards, at it all happens Memorial Day weekend in San Diego, CA!

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One Response to “NCS Reuben Awards Speakers Announced”

  1. […] but became famous by other means. This year’s A.C.E. recipient is “Weird Al” Yankovic. NCS President Tom Richmond notes past recipients include: Carol Burnett, Jonathan Winters, Jackie Gleason, Orson Bean, Ginger […]


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