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MAD 520 Cover

MAD #521

MTV Geek got an exclusive first look at the cover of MAD #520, announcing the return of MAD’s “The 50 Worst Things About…” feature. This time MAD goes after cartoons.

The cover art was done by first time MAD cover artist Chris Houghton, a terrific cartoonist and a great success story. At age 20 Chris was the winner of the National Cartoonist Society Foundation’s Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship in 2009. He has since published is own comic book series “Reed Gunther”, worked as a freelance illustrator doing lots of stuff including a few pieces for the interior of MAD, does comic book work for “The Simpsons” and currently works for Disney. He also draws for the “Adventure Time” comic book, although he might be fired from that over this MAD cover.

Congrats, Chris! Great cover!

4 Responses to “MAD 520 Cover”

  1. You forgot to mention, he’s also a frequent visitor of “Tom’s MAD Blog!” Thanks Tom! It was an incredible thrill and a HUGE honor.

  2. Calvin says:

    Whoa, since when is “Adventure Time” one of the 50 worst things about cartoons?

    • Tom says:

      Since day one?

      • Doomed says:

        If an “Adventure Time” joke is given the #1 designation, which remains to be seen, that means “Adventure Time” has been officially determined to be seven worse than the #8 joke, and a full 45 worse than #46. The math is precise, and the editors hire an MIT statistician to ensure that it no errors make it into print.

        MAD’s power is awesome and brutal. Every #1 choice from the magazine’s previous “50 Worst” lists has been forced out of its field due to the resulting public outrage, from video games to music to sports to botany. So say goodbye to your little show forever, Calvin, after MAD runs a single punchline making fun of it.


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