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More Limited Artist’s Editions!

I just shipped out a whole batch of my Limited Artist’s Editions of The Mad Art of Caricature! You know, the limited-to-120 editions with the handsome, hand-numbered bookplate and the caricature of YOU (or whomever you want) drawn by me! Here are a few of the recent ones to show how these turn out:

The pics…


The drawing!


The pics…


The drawing!


The pics…


The drawing!


The pics… 


The drawing!

Yes, these are still available, but we are well into the back end of the 120 limited editions, so if you want one don’t wait too much longer to order!:

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4 Responses to “More Limited Artist’s Editions!”

  1. Adam Pate says:

    YEA!!!! Can’t wait to see your book and the drawing you did!!!! Thanks so much Tom!

  2. Aaron says:

    Man Tom… People must go crazy when they see a caricature of them drawn by you. Fantastic work my friend!

  3. Nice Gomes says:

    Tom these are your best..esp the Rich Cundy one had me in splits.. kept on revisiting it..to same effect.
    You seem to have used a fibre tip pen..Do you use pigment liner pens etc as well. And have you done digital cleaning in between the lines as well i.e between hatching and criss-cross hatching.


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