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Sketch o’the Week- Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis © 2013 Tom Richmond

I started watching Homeland recently. It’s getting a lot of critical acclaim and it seemed like a show both The Lovely Anna and I could watch together . . . a rare thing since she like crap shows like Glee, Smash and Once Upon a Time whereas I like really awesome shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Anyway, we are almost through the first season of Homeland and I thought I’d do some caricatures of some of the stars of the show, starting with Damian Lewis. Is it just me or does he look like Steve McQueen? Might be just me.

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2 Responses to “Sketch o’the Week- Damian Lewis”

  1. Ann says:

    Love the drawing! I’m one of Damian’s longtime fans (we post on Damian Lewis Yahoo Group which is connected to Damian-Lewis.com).

    I sent them the link for this. My father did cartooning work on the side and I grew up reading Mad Magazine. Such great artists.

    Please do the other Homeland characters soon! Can’t wait to see what Claire and Mandy will look like!!! Also, Damian does the Gangnam dance sometimes as a joke and it’s funny you have Psy right below him.

    Many people think Damian looks like Steve McQueen, you are not the first to notice that.

    Thanks again for the great caricature!!!

    New York City


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