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MAD About Beetle

We interrupt the Sunday Mailbag today (look for a Monday Mailbag tomorrow) to tell everyone to grab their Sunday paper . . . you still get a Sunday newspaper, right? . . . and check out today’s Beetle Bailey comic strip! I make a guest appearance!

Go here to read the full strip…

I got a call late this summer from the Walker Studio’s Bill Janocha asking me if it would be okay if Mort Walker and the gang do a gag featuring me in a Sunday strip. It was a nod to my winning the Reuben this year. Mort is of course one of the earliest members of the National Cartoonists Society, a past President, a great supporter of the organization and of the cartooning industry, and one of the all-time great comic strip creators. Some stammering was involved on my end—of course I was thrilled and honored beyond words. As a plus, they made me look much more handsome than Stephan Pastis did in Pearls Before Swine! Thank you Mort, Brian, Greg, and Neal Walker, and Bill!

That makes it official . . . 2012 really will be hard to beat.

Edit- Mort and Co. sent me the original some time ago. I was waiting for the strip to be published so I could order a print, which we will frame together with the original. An awesome addition to the Wall of Shame!!

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4 Responses to “MAD About Beetle”

  1. Bearman says:

    What an honor. Congrats Tom

  2. Connie Nobbe says:

    That is so awesome! Congratulations!

  3. JWB says:

    How wonderful! You got to visit Camp Swampy! I’ll bet Ms. Buxley pales in comparison to the Lovely Anna! Big kudos!

  4. jailerjoe says:

    Quite an honor, Tom…COOL!


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