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Dave Navarro for Penthouse

This year I did a series of spot illustrations of rocker Dave Navarro as the header graphic for his ongoing column in Penthouse magazine. Thought I’d share a couple of them that have already been published:

There are a couple more but they haven’t been published yet.

It’s funny, but whenever I get my comp copies of Penthouse, the neighborhood guys always seem to show up at the door “just to say hi”. That never happens when I get my comp copies of National Geographic World or Scholastic. Hmmmm.

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6 Responses to “Dave Navarro for Penthouse”

  1. Sally says:

    Well, you captured his eye makeup and cheap women beautifully but the typewriter drawing confuses me. I wasn’t aware that he knew actual words or the concept of putting several in a row.

    • Tom says:

      You mean as opposed to his being a minister in another of the scenes? That’s a bigger stretch IMO. In a couple of others I did of him, he was a scientist and a psychiatrist. These are obviously just tongue-in-cheek images. Although, considering he is actually writing a column for Penthouse, the writer image has some context.

      The first one I did of him, he was the snake in the Garden of Eden.

  2. JoeyCee says:

    Are these digital…great stuff

  3. Jorge says:

    I love the snake one, because he only talks. Now I know why the Garden of Eden is off limits.

  4. Steve Hearn says:

    Looking fantastic! Sorry not posted here for a while, it has been a busy 2012 which is good and I am now off the board and have more time! Keep up the most excellent work as always Tom! Hope to catch you sometime again, somewhere!

  5. Mike says:

    Is the bar supposed to be phallic in “Bartender Dave?” Or was that a happy (not so) little accident?


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